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City of Bryan

Capital Improvement Projects Interactive Map


Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) address Bryan's long-term needs in the form of street and drainage improvements, new parks and other public utilities and facilities.

These projects are typically scheduled over several years to address the city's ability to pay for the improvements.

Capital Improvement Projects are relatively expensive and non-recurring. Each CIP has a multi-year useful life and results in fixed assets.


The list of Capital Improvement Projects is fluid in nature, with projects added and removed from the approved list as a result of adjusted funding or project completion. These projects are reviewed each year by city staff and the Bryan City Council to reflect changing priorities and the impact of capital projects on operating budgets, scheduling and coordinating related projects.

The city routinely issues debt in the form of bonds and certificates of obligation to pay for CIPs over a 20- or 25-year period. Certificates of obligation use a portion of the taxes collected by the city to pay the debt each year. Projects typically funded in this fashion are new city facilities, such as fire stations, and major road extensions or improvements.

Revenue Bonds use a portion of the revenue collected by Enterprise Funds such as Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste, to pay the debt each year. Projects regularly funded this way are water and sewer line rehabilitations, replacements or extensions.


For ease of navigation, we have divided the Bryan's current Capital Improvement Projects into 5 areas:

  • General Projects
  • Water Projects
  • Sanitary Sewer and Wastewater Projects
  • Drainage Projects
  • Street and Sidewalk Projects

We hope this page will be helpful in keeping you updated on the status of each ongoing Capital Improvement Project. This list will be updated at least once each month.

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