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City of Bryan Volunteer Program

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The City of Bryan recognizes the tremendous reserve of knowledge, talent and skill within our community and encourages citizens to contribute their valuable time and talents to a variety of jobs on a volunteer basis. Volunteers can provide assistance to staff in completing projects or share their experience with staff in a team effort. VOLUNTEER BRYAN! will expand and enhance the delivery of quality service by promoting citizen participation in city government. It is our goal to recruit, train, utilize and recognize volunteers who help enhance services provided to the community. We want to assure you that we will do our best to provide you with a meaningful and rewarding experience. The benefits and advantages are numerous: Volunteering.....

  • allows citizens to perform work of value to the community

  • helps foster greater understanding between City employees and the citizens we serve

  • provides an opportunity for citizens to work in partnership with the City of Bryan

  • is a way to renew job skills, explore new career opportunities and update work experience

  • is a way to contribute your knowledge, skills, interest and enthusiasm

  • is a way to experience community involvement

Who Volunteers?

  • Retirees, senior citizens

  • College students

  • Service groups looking for projects

  • People wishing to give back to their community by contributing their time and expertise

  • Citizens who want to see how city government operates

  • People who want to update their skills


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