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RSS Feed Information

What is RSS?
An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a list of focused content that is free of typical web site design elements. Effectively, an rss feed is a list of new content / articles.

How do I use RSS?
An RSS Reader is required to use an RSS feed. Some web browsers have feed readers built in, however, most do not. Once you have a news reader, you will need to subscribe to the news feed. If you attempt to view a feed with software or browsers that are not rss capabable you may see a screen full of XML or nothing at all. Available feed links are below.

Where can I get an RSS news reader?
There are many different readers available. Here are a few in no order:

How do I add an RSS feed to my news reader?
Copy the rss feed url and paste it into your news reader.

What will happen if I click on one of the rss links below?
If your browser supports rss, you will see the feed properly formatted. If not, you will see a bunch of XML code, which is normal. Copy the URL and paste it into your news reader.

City of Bryan Feeds:

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