Basic Qualifications

  1. Achieve a minimum passing score of 70 percent on the written examination.
  2. Pass a background investigation, including a fingerprint records check.
  3. Pass oral interviews.
  4. Successfully complete a post-job offer psychological examination, medical examination and drug/alcohol test, that includes passing a visual acuity test, and physician certification that the applicant is not dependent on and does not use illegal drugs.
  5. Be at least 21 years of age and not more than 44 years of age at the time of hire.
  6. Be a graduate of an accredited high school or
  7. have an equivalency certificate with at least 12 hours of college credit or
    have an honorable discharge from the armed forces after 24 months of active duty service.
  8. Have a valid Texas driver's license at the date of hire and meet the City's evaluation criteria for the driver's license record.
  9. Be a citizen of the United States by birth of naturalization.
  10. Be able to read, write, and speak the English language.
  11. Be of good moral character.
  12. Shall not be prohibited from carrying a firearm or possessing ammunition.
  13. Be certifiable as a peace officer as established by TCLEOSE at the time of hire.
  14. Hiring preference may be given to those candidates on the eligibility list who hold a peace officer's license through TCLEOSE.



Basic Disqualifications

  1. Applicant fails to pass any part of the entrance examination.
  2. Applicant fails to make application in the manner prescribed in the notice of examination, and/or fails to file the application with the Director within the time limits prescribed in the notice of examination.
  3. Applicant fails to meet Minimum Standards for initial licensure as set forth by TCLEOSE for peace officer candidates.
  4. Applicant is not a citizen of the United States of America by birth or naturalization.
  5. Applicant fails to demonstrate his/her ability to read, write, and fluently speak the English language.
  6. Applicant is unable to perform the essential functions of the position to which he/she seeks appointment, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  7. Applicant has engaged in, received deferred adjudication or pre-trial diversion for, or has been convicted of: conduct that constitutes a Class A Misdemeanor under the Penal Code or equivalent under federal law, to include the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or a Class B Misdemeanor within the past ten years, or any other conduct that may be unsuitable for employment.
  8. Applicant has made any false statement in any material fact; withheld information, practiced or attempted to practice any deception or fraud in his/her application, examination, or appointment.
  9. Applicant fails to complete or satisfactorily meet the employment process requirement, including missed appointments, failure to return necessary paperwork, failure to notify Department of any changes of address or telephone number, failure to properly complete any or all application materials, or who otherwise fails to complete the application process.
  10. Applicant fails to satisfactorily complete the oral interview process.
  11. Applicants have engaged in, conduct which constitutes excessive and/or recent use of intoxicants, including alcohol.
  12. Applicant has unlawful consumption of marijuana within three years.
  13. Applicant has unlawful consumption of any Texas Health and Safety Code Penalty Groups I and II drugs (excluding marijuana). This includes cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy, mushrooms, etc.
  14. Applicant has unlawful consumption of any Texas Health and Safety Code Penalty Groups III and IV drugs within the past 10 years. This includes some prescription drugs and steroids.
  15. Applicant has engaged in, received deferred adjudication or pre-trial diversion for, or has been convicted of DWI/BWI/FWI/DUI within the past 5 years.
  16. Applicant has violations exceeding 4 events (moving violations or preventable accidents) within the past 3 years.
  17. Applicant has been dismissed or resigned in lieu of dismissal from any employment for inefficiency, delinquency, or misconduct.
  18. Applicant has demonstrated a failure to pay just debts.
  19. Applicant has exercised poor judgment skills within the past 5 years.
  20. Applicant has a history of unstable work.
  21. Applicant has failed to meet all legal requirements necessary for future licensing and certification as required by TCLEOSE.
  22. Applicant has been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions.



Physical Fitness Assessment

Upper Body Strength (Push Ups)

Time Limit of 1 minute

Age          21-29    30-39    40-44

Male         26         20         15

Female     20         15         10


Abdominal Strength (Sit-Ups)

Time Limit of 1 minute

Age          21-29    30-39    40-44

Male         35         32         27

Female     30         22         17


Cardio Respiratory Endurance

(1.5 Mile Run)

Age          21-29     30-39    40-44

Male         13:06    13:45     14:24

Female     15:25    15:56     16:53



Application Steps











(This whole process takes 2-4 months to complete.)




Police Officer Training Timeline


Successful Employment with the Bryan Police Department

Academy Orientation
(Minimum of 1 week preceding the Police Academy. We will hire you as early as possible even if the Academy does not start for several months.)

Police Academy
TEEX Central Texas Police Academy (located in Bryan, TX)
(17 weeks of school 8am to 5pm)

Bryan Police Department Mini Academy
(2 weeks at Bryan PD)

Field Training Program
(16 weeks - The Probationary Police Officer will work on the street with a minimum of 4 different Field Training Officers in one month cycles.)

Released to Patrol