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Halloween Safety Tips

Here are a few tips from the City of Bryan to help you have a safe and enjoyable Halloween experience.

Know the Neighborhood

  • Know the area where you will be trick or treating
  • Check local neighborhoods, businesses, and churches for alternatives to trick or treating
  • Check the sex offenders in your area: Click here for the Texas registry

Kids Do

  • Wear clothes with reflective material
  • Carry flashlights or glow sticks
  • Carry flexible weapons to avoid injury
  • Go to houses with porch lights
  • Stay in a group
  • Walk on the sidewalk or as close to the curb in no sidewalk is available
  • Cross at intersections

Kids Do Not

  • Cross between parked cars
  • Enter a stranger’s house or car
  • Cut across yards
  • Eat unwrapped candy


  • Check candy when you get home
  • Dispose of spoiled, unwrapped, or suspicious items
  • Divide up treats over the following days
  • Make sure fabrics for costumes and decorative materials are flame-resistan


  • Keep porch light on if you are handing out treats
  • Hand out candy, stickers, trading cards, or other small items
  • Avoid open flames inside jack-o-lantern
  • Move hazardous items from your yard and porch

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