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    January 6, 2020

    12 capital projects to watch in 2020

    As residents rang in the new year on Jan. 1, city staff were preparing to embark on a big year for big projects in Bryan. From stormwater to road repairs to sidewalks, residents will have the opportunity to give input on some projects and see progress made on others. Here are 12 capital improvement projects in Bryan to keep your eye on this year.

    1. Texas Avenue improvements

    One of the biggest projects residents will be able to give input on in 2020 is the Texas Avenue improvement project, which is a partnership between the Texas Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the City of Bryan.

    The project calls for improvements to more than 5 miles of roadway on Texas Avenue from University Drive north to Old Hearne Road, just past State Highway 21. Improvements include raised medians, sidewalks, burying power lines and a possible shared use path.

    City staff will begin initial design work in early 2020. Residents will have the opportunity to give input and talk with project team members during public meetings in the spring and winter of this year.

    texas avenue in bryan texas

    2. Bristol & Esther streets stormwater improvements

    Residents also can expect to be able to give input on stormwater drainage improvements for the neighborhood surrounding Bristol and Esther streets, just southwest of East 29th Street and East Villa Maria Road. These improvements will help reduce flooding in the area and will include some road reconstruction on Bristol Street. The city expects to hold public meetings in early summer 2020.

    3. Old Hearne Road improvements

    Significant improvements are coming to Old Hearne Road from Sims Street and State Highway 21 north to Wilhelm Drive. The project calls for improvements to the storm drains in the area, widening the road to three lanes, installing curb and gutters and building sidewalks. Construction is slated to begin in summer 2020.

    4. Coulter Drive pedestrian improvements

    After planned improvements it will become easier to walk and ride a bicycle down Coulter Drive. Construction is planned to begin in early spring on the roadway and sidewalk work will follow later in the year. Improvements include sidewalks and bicycle lanes from South College Avenue to William Joel Bryan Parkway and road reconstruction from South College Avenue to East 29th Street.

    5. Storm drainage improvements near Melba Circle

    Significant stormwater work will continue in 2020 to alleviate storm drainage issues near Melba Circle. Work will occur in or near Willow Bend Road, Carter Creek Parkway and Dona Street near 29th Street. New storm sewer and grate inlets will be installed, and an existing storm sewer will be rehabilitated to facilitate better drainage.

    6. Woodville Road reconstruction

    Construction will begin in early spring on major improvements to Woodville Road in north Bryan from the bridge at State Highway 6 to Old Hearne Road. Plans call for:

    • Widening the road to three lanes
    • Improving the sanitary sewer
    • Installing curbs and gutters
    • Constructing two roundabouts to improve traffic flow
    • Improving street lighting
    • Building sidewalks on both sides of the road.

    In the future, improvements are planned to continue west to North Texas Avenue.

    woodville road reconstruction

    7. Still Creek stormwater improvements

    The city will replace culverts in the Still Creek area near Old Hearne Road with larger ones to improve drainage capacity. Other improvements include raising the roadway in certain areas and extending Missouri Avenue north past Wilkes Street. Construction should begin in the spring.

    8. Palasota Drive improvements

    Motorists who use Palasota Drive in southwest Bryan will see construction begin this summer. The limits are from Groesbeck Street to just north of Anson Jones School. Once complete, the roadway will have curbs and gutters, sidewalks, two roundabouts (Groesbeck and Beck intersections) and other drainage improvements. Future plans call for further improvements to extend to where Palasota Drive and 28th Street intersect.

    palasota drive improvements

    9. Downtown Quiet Zone

    Residents and visitors in Downtown will hear a few less train horns in coming years. Infrastructure improvements will allow the Downtown area to be turned into a Quiet Zone – meaning fewer trains will be blowing their horns at each railroad crossing.

    Twenty-two crossings in Downtown will see changes that include raised medians, curbs on the crossing approaches, crossing gates and rebuilt traffic signals. These improvements will occur in 2020, with the Groesbeck Drive crossing work starting in summer 2020.

    Once construction is complete, additional inspections and work will need to be complete by the railroad, so the earliest the Quiet Zone will go into effect will be late 2021.

    10. Pedestrian improvements along Earl Rudder Freeway

    TxDOT will be finishing a project along the east side of Texas Highway 6 that will improve pedestrian access to Sam Rayburn Intermediate School. A 12-foot-wide multi-use path along the east side of Earl Rudder Freeway Frontage Road from Boonville Road north to Old Reliance Road is under construction and is scheduled to be complete in 2020.

    11. Edgewater Park completion

    Residents on the west side of Bryan will soon have a new park to enjoy. A city contractor is in the process of constructing Edgewater Park, a 9.67-acre park at 6720 Chick Lane in the Edgewater subdivision. The park is expected to be complete by fall 2020.

    The park will be a neighborhood park and will include concrete trails, a restroom, basketball court, a pavilion, fitness stations, a playground, a butterfly garden and on-site parking.

    edgewater park projects

    12. Regional park

    The largest project that will see progress in 2020 is the regional park. Work is almost complete on the deceleration lane on Villa Maria Road and entrance to the area. Additional work will start in 2020, including:

    • Extending the first phase of the entrance road terminating in a roundabout
    • Installing landscaping and signage on Villa Maria Road
    • Reconstructing the ball fields at Travis Park

    Significant work on the lake at the regional park also will begin in summer 2020. Plans include building a bypass channel to hold smaller stormwater flows to assist with grading of the lake, constructing a silt pond to collect excess silt, relocating the wildlife and draining the lake, and then slightly widening and deepening the lake to hold 6 to 8 feet of water with new outlet control structures.

    regional park rendering

    A list and map of all of the city’s Capital Improvement Projects is available at

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