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City of Bryan, Texas

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December 16, 2015

Don’t let someone steal your Christmas

Image of thief santa claus stealing christmas

Bryan PD offers these home-burglary prevention tips

As the Christmas holiday approaches the members of the Bryan Police Department know that many of our residents will be traveling out of town to visit family and friends. We would like to remind all citizens of some basic safety tips that can help keep you and your valuables safe, and may keep you from becoming a victim of crime.

  • Make sure your home looks lived in since most burglars want to avoid confrontation
  • Stop mail and newspapers or ask a friend or neighbor to make daily collections
  • Hide empty garbage cans or ask a neighbor to move your container to the curb and bring it in after collection
  • Leave shades and blinds in normal positions
  • Put automatic timer on lights and radios (preferably a talk radio show).
  • If possible have neighbors randomly park their vehicle in your driveway
  • Leave a key with trusted neighbor
  • Do not hide keys in a mailbox, under a doormat or planter or anywhere outside
  • Store valuables in safe deposit box or take smaller items with you
  • Make a record of the serial numbers for your valuable items and take the list with you, store it in your safe deposit box or send the information to your personal email account
  • Engrave your driver’s license number or an unique identifying mark on the back of all electronics and computers
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Double lock windows with inexpensive key locks you can purchase at the store
  • Double check garage doors before you leave (unplug or disarm automatic garage door openers if possible)
  • If you are leaving a vehicle at home – do not leave your garage door opener in your vehicle.
  • Lock gate to fenced back yards
  • Don’t advertise your plans to strangers or on social media outlets

If you plan on staying home here are some safety tips:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked
  • Check all locks each evening before you go to sleep
  • Make sure that all locks are functioning properly
  • Request a home security check from your local law enforcement.

The members of the Bryan Police Department hope that you have a safe and happy holiday season!

If you see something suspicious, please call the police. Never try to handle it yourself. Call the Bryan Police Department at (979) 361-3888 to report anything suspicious.

You can also report suspicious activity or concerns in your neighborhood using our online form here.

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