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City of Bryan, Texas



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Community Programs

American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign

Every day, seven people die in home fires, most often in homes without working smoke alarms. That’s why the American Red Cross launched the Home Fire Campaign in 2014 to save lives. “Sound the Alarm” is a critical part of the campaign. Through our home visits, we’ve installed more than 2.2 million free smoke alarms and prepared more than 2.5 million people for home fires.

Learn more about the campaign

Smoke alarm / Home Safety education request

Citizen Fire Academy

The Citizen Fire Academy is a 7-week program designed to open the lines of communication between the Bryan Fire Department and the community. The course provides a comprehensive overview of how the department operates and the types of services it offers. There will be hands-on activities as well as a live fire burn at the end of the program. In addition, the alumni of this program are invited and encouraged to continue to assist the Bryan Fire Department.


  • Weekly 3-hour classes every Thursday, Sept. 9 – Oct. 23, 2021 (6 p.m. – 9 p.m.)
  • One session per year
  • Meal provided at each class (some meals provided by the Firefighters)
  • Some topics include Fire & EMS Operations, Extrication, First Aid/CPR, Rescue, HazMat, Emergency Management, Investigations, plus much more.
  • Opportunity for a ride-along in a fire engine
  • Live burn day @ TEEX – Brayton Fire Field on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021


  • Free to participants, space is limited to 20 people
  • Minimum age of 18 to participate
  • Participants are expected to attend every class

DWI Awareness

Driving while intoxicated destroys the lives of thousands of individuals every year. The Bryan Fire Department acknowledges this problem and has become a leader in the fight against drunk driving.

Through the development and implementation of education programs and the collection and distribution of various materials, BFD hopes to reduce the number of drinking related accidents and fatalities in the Brazos Valley. One program is “Every 15 minutes”.

Every 15 Minutes

“Every 15 Minutes” is a two-day DWI awareness education program that targets high school juniors and seniors. The program challenges young adults to think about drinking, personal safety and the responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved. The program’s name is derived from the fact that every fifteen minutes someone in the United States dies in an alcohol-related traffic collision.

On the first day of the program, a fire fighter dressed as the grim reaper enters various classrooms and removes pre-selected students one at a time. This continues every 15 minutes until all the students have been removed. Obituaries written by the student’s parents and containing photographs of the students are read aloud as the students are removed and placed in the classroom where they stay for the remainder of the school year.

The students who were removed from the classrooms are made up to resemble a “living dead” victim and are then returned to class. No interaction is allowed to take place between these students and anybody else for the rest of the day. Simultaneously, the parents of the removed children receive mock death notifications from police officers at their homes or places of employment. Though parents have already given their permission for their children to participate in the program, the affects of being notified by a real police officer in person are often emotionally devastating.

At lunchtime, a staged drunk driving traffic collision is held on campus. A series of emergency personnel appear on the scene: fire fighters, paramedics, police officers, the justice of the peace and individuals from the coroner’s office.

At the end of the school day, the “living dead” students are taken to a local establishment for overnight lodging in order to effectively simulate to family and friends that the student is “gone”. The students eat pizza and play games while interacting with guest speakers, various members of the community and fire and police personnel. Students are then asked to write letters to their parents detailing their thoughts and feelings about the program.

The next day a school assembly is held where speeches are made by local emergency response teams, law enforcement, school staff, students and parents. Various presentations are also made at this time. Students are reminded that alcohol does not just hurt those who drink it; too often the innocent are the victims.

Fire Safety House

The fire safety house is a mobile unit used by the Bryan Fire Department to educate elementary school children on how to react should they ever be caught in a fire.

This educational tool allows children to practice escaping from a simulated house fire. Electronic smoke detectors and non-toxic smoke help to create a realistic environment. Inside, kids also learn kitchen safety, home heating safety and emergency reporting procedures.

Program modifications allow this unit to be used for children as young as three or even adults.

If you are interested in learning more about the Fire Safety House or if you would like to have the fire fighters speak to your organization or group, please contact the Bryan Fire Department.

Kid Safe Program

Kid Safe is a pre-kindergarten education program taught by the Bryan Fire Department at elementary schools in the Bryan Independent School District. The curriculum consists of the following:

  • Match and lighter safety
  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Fire fighter protective clothing
  • How to report a fire
  • Kitchen fire safety
  • Home fire hazards
  • Fire fighting equipment and vehicles
  • Fire safety house practice

At the conclusion of the program, students attend a graduation program at Fire Station No.1 and receive diplomas.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Click here to download the PDF


Here’s some other information to help prevent wildfire situations: