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April 23, 2021

Have questions about becoming a lifeguard? Here are your answers

Summer is just a few weeks away, which means it’s the perfect time to shore up your summer job plans by applying to be a lifeguard at Bryan Parks & Recreation.

Lexi Durbin

Lexi Durbin, Aquatics and Athletics Coordinator

Lifeguarding is often one of the first jobs people have, so we know there may be some questions about what it takes or how it fits into a busy summer schedule. We asked our Aquatics and Athletics Coordinator Lexi Durbin to help answers some of the most frequently asked questions the City of Bryan receives about being a lifeguard.


I need to take summer school this year; can I still be a lifeguard?

Lexi: Absolutely! Lifeguard schedules have several shifts each day, so I’m sure you’ll find a schedule that works with the city and you. When I was a lifeguard and taking six hours of summer school, I was able to still work 30 hours each week, and so were most of my coworkers.


I don’t know if I can pass the lifeguard prerequisites, what do I do?

Lexi: If you are worried about passing the prerequisites, let’s see where you stand and work together to create a plan to master them. Applicants are absolutely allowed to contact me to try the prerequisites and even get guidance from other guards. Most of the time, it is just a mental block and some people just need to practice a few times before being successful.


Do I get to go down the waterslides while working at the Bryan Aquatic Center or Henderson Harbor?

Lexi: Haha, yes! During a lifeguard rotation, the best way to get from the top of the slide is going down the slide to the bottom. This way you are able to move from the top slide guard station to the bottom slide guard station in no time!


I’m a bit nervous to commit to lifeguarding; can you help ease those worries?

Lexi: That is understandable, and I was nervous, too, when I first started. I quickly learned that there is a whole system supporting the lifeguards. From other lifeguards to head guards to the coordinator to the supervisor, to the whole recreation department and City of Bryan will be supporting you. Also, you never stop becoming a better guard unless you choose to do so. Each week, you will attend in-service trainings that allow all of the staff to work through our skills and become better individually and as a team.


We know these aren’t all the questions you may have, so potential applicants are encouraged to ask Lexi anything else about being a lifeguard. Just send her an email at or call 979.209.5223.


If you’re ready to apply, head to our Lifeguard job listing at!

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