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City of Bryan, Texas

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August 30, 2017

Petition Threshold Lowered for R-NC Zoning Requests

The Bryan City Council recently voted to lower the percentage of affirmative votes needed to petition for rezoning of a subdivision to Residential-Neighborhood Conservation (R-NC) District.  In a text amendment to Chapter 130, Zoning, of the Bryan Code of Ordinances, the percentage of affirmative votes needed from property owners of lots within a platted subdivision, or single phase of a subdivision, for which rezoning to RN-C is proposed was changed from 66% to 58%.  This modification is intended to help facilitate the petition process and allow additional neighborhoods the opportunity to obtain RNC zoning.

The Residential-Neighborhood Conservation District zoning classification was originally established in April 2006 in an effort to preserve, protect, and enhance the character of established residential neighborhoods in Bryan.   While other residential zoning classifications allow for up to four unrelated individuals (by blood, marriage, or adoption) to reside in a single-family dwelling, R-NC zoning standards limit this number to two.   These districts are intended for primarily low-density use and should be composed of detached dwelling units on lots of at least 5000 square feet.

Petitions are used to demonstrate the amount of neighborhood support for an R-NC rezoning.  When an entire subdivision or subdivision phase is requested to be rezoned to an ‘R-NC’ District, at least 58% of property owners within that subdivision or phase must sign a petition indicating their support for such a rezoning.  To date, there are total of 46 R-NC districts in Bryan.  All R-NC rezoning requests that have obtained the required signatures and have been considered by the Planning and Zoning Commission have been approved for R-NC zoning.

If you are interested in petitioning for a City-initiated rezoning to R-NC District, please contact the Planning Division of the City of Bryan’s Development Services Department on the first floor of the Municipal Office Building (300 South Texas Ave) to request an application to identify necessary information about the subdivision for which rezoning is desired. No appointment is necessary.

Contact the Development Services Department via  phone:(979) 209-5030 or email:

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