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City of Bryan, Texas



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July 19, 2021

‘Rekindling Christmas’ shows Bryan is a film-friendly city

Back in January 2019, Downtown Bryan was filled with thousands of people hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame. The movie “Rekindling Christmas” was in the middle of filming in Bryan and needed people in the community to fill the streets of Downtown.

In just a few short days, Bryanites flooded the streets and showed their support for the movie, just as the City of Bryan did when it helped the movie get made.

And now, “Rekindling Christmas” was nominated for in the “Outstanding Daytime Fiction Program” category of the 2021 Daytime Emmy Lifestyle Programming Awards. It was also selected to the 2021 Burbank International Film Festival.

Bryan is designated as a Film-Friendly Certified Community by the State of Texas, which allows the city to attract on-location filming opportunities. The certification ensures that staff have attended Film Friendly Texas training, have submitted potential filming locations to the Texas Film Commission location database and have passed approved filming guidelines.

Learn more about Bryan’s film-friendly status

But what exactly does that mean for Bryan?

It means the city has a designated person on staff who helps makes the process easier for professional filmmakers in Bryan. And, in return, the city benefits through hotel occupancy taxes, sales tax and gaining notoriety in the film industry – just as it did with “Rekindling Christmas.” After “Rekindling Christmas” was completed, the production company filmed a second movie – “No More Goodbyes” in Bryan as well.

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