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City of Bryan, Texas

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    September 13, 2019

    Smoke testing to occur Sept. 17 through Sept. 19, 2019

    Map of areas impacted by smoke testing
    From Tuesday, Sept. 17 through Thursday, Sept.19, 2019, around 8 a.m., field crews from the City of Bryan’s Water Services Department will be performing smoke testing of the sanitary sewer lines to identify broken pipes and other defects. Field crews will inject smoke into the sewer lines through manholes in order to perform this test.
    Field crews will enter properties to document defects. At no time will crews need to enter private residences. Citizens do not need to be home during the test.
    The smoke will exit from vent pipes on the roofs of houses and commercial businesses, from manholes and from the ground where broken sewer pipes may exist. The smoke is non-toxic and does not leave residue or create a fire hazard. It will not enter a house unless there is defective plumbing present or the drain traps are dry. To help prevent smoke from entering a home or commercial business, please pour about 1 gallon of water into any seldom-used drain.
    The target area consists of properties located within the boundaries of (also shown in the accompanying map):
    North Earl Rudder Freeway, Oakwood Forest Drive, Bryan Regional Athletic Complex, Mossy Creek Court, Eastwood Court, Indian Trail, Highwood Lane, Woodbend Drive, Driftwood, Drive, Village Park, Conquest Circle, Waterwood Lane, Hardwood Drive, Woodville Road, Log Hollow Drive, Forest Hills Court, Timberline Drive, Blue Jay Lane, Augusta Court, Augusta Drive, Robinhood Circle, Sherwood Drive, Chapel Court, Judythe Circle, Laura Lane, Caleb Court, North Berry Patch Road, Hill Road, Marsh Street, Milton Street, Southside Drive, Charleston Street, Emerald Drive, Northside Drive, Lakewood Street Margaret Street, Stevens Drive, Mckienzie Street, Woody Lane, Saints Drive, Cardinal Drive, Seahawk Drive, Bethany Drive, Kerry Lane, Kim Street, Woodknoll Drive, Candy Lane, Wilkes Street, Glacier Drive, Big Bend Drive, Tabor Road, Bonham Drive, Siegert Drive, Hefti Circle, Lightfoot Lane, North Texas Avenue, Teton Drive, Chisholm Trail, Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, Yellowstone Drive, Mchaney Drive, Old Hearne Road, Louisiana Avenue, Russell Drive, Indiana Avenue, Missouri Avenue, Minnesota Avenue, Montana Avenue, Drew Drive, Porters Way, Oklahoma Avenue, Alabama Avenue, Georgia Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, Elkhorn Trail, Koala Drive, Kiwi Drive, Milberger Street and East State Highway 21.
    With questions, please contact Bryan’s Water Services Department at 979.209.5900.
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