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City of Bryan, Texas

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November 24, 2015

State of the City 2015: Strategic Projects

State of the City 2015: Strategic Projects



Stra·te·gic – adjective – Relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.

Yep, that definition sounds a lot like us. The Strategic Projects staff helps facilitate growth and economic development within the City of Bryan through work on projects that have been deemed strategically important to the City. These projects are generally related to economic development, or other planning and development initiatives, and can include working on projects in Downtown North, assisting the Economic Development staff, or working with residential and commercial developers directly. And on the back end of these strategic projects, we also are responsible for monitoring the reporting requirements for projects within an established TIRZ, and making sure that any strategic project complies with the standards and benchmarks set for it by the City Council.



Our Accomplishments:


  • Pandemic Influenza Manufacturing Facility getting close to completion
  • The 177 room Stella Hotel is under construction
  • MatureWell announced
  • Atlas town center underway
  • The Hawthorne at Traditions full and expanding
  • Parc at Traditions in development
  • Homebuilding active
  • TIRZ 10 values above projections
  • TAMU HSC adding a new research building

Downtown North

  • Ice House was conveyed to AdventGX and renovations should be starting any day
  • Letter of Intent executed with R + T Studio for a multi-phase/multi -use development on Block 123
  • Negotiations currently underway for multiple other blocks in the Downtown North area
  • Farmers Market relocated to 21st Street between Main and Bryan

Health and Wellness

  • Bryan Health and Wellness Area Plan was adopted by the City of Bryan on April 14, 2015
  • Partnership with St. Joseph to create a shared community vision and implementation plan for improvements to the area around the St. Joseph Regional Health Center

Downtown Improvement Grant Program

  • Funded out of TIRZ 21
  • Awarded 6 grants totaling $145,000



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