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City of Bryan, Texas

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March 16, 2016

Stop Speeding in Your Neighborhood With This Program. Apply Now!


“Help! People just fly down my street and it’s dangerous. What can I do?”

Now through April 1, 2016 the City of Bryan is accepting requests to consider individual street segments for speeding mitigation. The type of streets that would be considered eligible for the program are paved, two lane public streets, with a speed limit of 40 mph or less.

View the application packet  |  Ver el paquete de solicitud en español

Speed mitigation hump on street

The City of Bryan has launched a new program to help stop speeding on neighborhood streets. It’s called Local Area Traffic Management (LATM), which is also known as “traffic calming.” LATM is a request-based program to improve the quality and safety of neighborhood streets by installing traffic calming devices. These devices may include, but are not limited to, speed humps, speed tables, speed cushions, roundabouts, median islands and bulb outs. The objectives of LATM are to:

  • Improve safety and quality of life for people along local neighborhood and residential collector streets;
  • Create a safer and more comfortable environment for pedestrians and bicyclists – regardless of age or ability – to travel along and across local neighborhood and residential collector streets;
  • Facilitate appropriate levels of local mobility for all roadway users and public service providers consistent with the context of the community;
  • Provide acceptable levels of service along the city’s arterial streets so as to minimize diversion of vehicular traffic onto local neighborhood streets; and,
  • Create opportunities for community enhancements, gateways or focal points.

Step One

The first step to traffic calming in local neighborhoods is a citizen request for the city to conduct a traffic study. Citizens who live or work along local streets in Bryan and are concerned about speeding along their street are encouraged to submit an LATM request to the City of Bryan. Applications may be mailed to PO Box 1000, Bryan, TX 77805 or delivered to the Municipal Service Center (1111 Waco Street) or City Hall (300 S Texas Ave).

View the application packet  |  Ver el paquete de solicitud en español

Step Two and Three

The second step is for the city to determine if the request is eligible for inclusion in the program.  If the street is eligible then step three includes the city developing a speeding mitigation plan and Evidence of Support (EOS) petition and then sending those documents to the requester. The purpose of the mitigation plan and accompanying EOS petition is to inform those who live or work along the requested street segment of what mitigation is being proposed, to determine the level of support for the proposed mitigation plan, and to offer the requester an opportunity to advocate for safety improvements along the requested street segment.

Step Four

Once all EOS petitions are in from all requesters of eligible street segments, then step four is developing a Ranking for Funding list. EOS is one of several ranking for funding factors used to develop the Ranking for Funding list.

View a complete ranking list here.

Final Step

The fifth step is funding for the various speeding mitigation projects. At this time there is no funding for the construction of speeding mitigation devices. Part of the discussion with Council will be to share what the apparent overall need is based on requests received and processed, and then to consider what might be a reasonable budget to afford the program. Efforts are now underway to develop the recommended 2016-2017 budget for Council to consider, and possible funding options for LATM are being considered as part of that process.

More information about the LATM program and process is available at City Staff welcomes the opportunity to come and visit with your neighborhood community and answer any questions you may have about the program. Reminder, applications are due to the City by April 1, 2016, please contact (979) 209-5030 or Email Engineering Services for additional information.

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