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City of Bryan, Texas



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Reindeer on the Run

Christmas light doodle

Reindeer on the Run Logo

Help! Santa’s reindeer have escaped the North Pole and are hiding out across Bryan in different parks and recreational facilities. We need your help finding them so we can get them back to Santa before Christmas Eve!

The City of Bryan Parks and Recreation Department is proud to present its annual holiday scavenger hunt, “Reindeer on the Run!”

The elves have provided clues to figure out where each of the reindeer are located. When you find a reindeer, scan the QR code to fill out the form to let us know which one you found.

When you’ve found and filled out the form for all nine reindeer, you’ll be entered into a prize drawing. The drawing will be on Wednesday, Dec. 21. and three winnings will be selected.

Now, get out there and help us find Santa’s reindeer that are on the run!

Dasher - reindeer wearing a green sweater in a sleigh

Clue 1: Find Dasher

Shhh! Don’t ring the bell, you’ll need to be as quiet as a mouse in this book house.

Dancer - Elf and reindeer in light blue sweater dancing

Clue 2: Find Dancer

Bobcats are known as the mascot close by, but the park adores a splash pad for all people passing by.

Prancer - reindeer wearing yellow sweater

Clue 3: Find Prancer

You could say we “cherry” picked this park.

Vixen - reindeer with purple sweater

Clue 4: Find Vixen

Claiming two names is ambitious, in this concrete pond there are no fishes.

Comet - Reindeer in maroon sweater

Clue 5: Find Comet

Hey batter, batter these new diamonds are found in the middle of town.

Cupid - reindeer in pink sweater

Clue 6: Find Cupid

History galore, visit and learn more with a museum next door.

Donner - reindeer with blue sweater holding a present

Clue 7: Find Donner

Kings, knights at a round table, and wizards would feel at home in this park.

Blitzen - reindeer wearing lime green sweater

Clue 8: Find Blitzen

Ready, set, spike. This new center is a delight.

Rudolph - reindeer wearing red sweater with Christmas lights in his antlers

Clue 9: Find Rudolph

Take the path in a park that is both residential, and presidential.


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Park Maps and Listings

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Reindeer on the Run Flyer

Activity Guide

Download and print off the activity flyer to keep track of your progress.

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Christmas light doodle