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City of Bryan, Texas



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Reindeer on the Run

Christmas light doodle

Get ready! The hunt begins on Dec. 1!

Reindeer on the Run Logo

Help! Santa’s reindeer have escaped the North Pole and are hiding out across Bryan in different parks and recreational facilities. We need your help finding them so we can get them back to Santa before Christmas Eve!

The City of Bryan Parks and Recreation Department is proud to present its annual holiday scavenger hunt, “Reindeer on the Run!”

The elves have provided clues to figure out where each of the reindeer are located. When you find a reindeer, scan the QR code to fill out the form to let us know which one you found.

When you’ve found and filled out the form for all nine reindeer, you’ll be entered into a prize drawing. The drawing will be on Wednesday, Dec. 20. and three winners will be selected.

Now, get out there and help us find Santa’s reindeer that are on the run!

Dasher - reindeer wearing a green sweater in a sleigh

Clue 1: Find Dasher

This open-air entertainment venue is a local treasure in Historic Downtown Bryan, and was the site of cinema magic for more than 50 years. Residents have the option to rent this location for private receptions and weddings. You can find this reindeer listening to free live concerts during First Fridays.

Dancer - Elf and reindeer in light blue sweater dancing

Clue 2: Find Dancer

On the north side of Bryan, you can find this reindeer enjoying the natural scenery and open fields at this local park. This park has playground units, soccer goals, picnic pavilions, and a one-mile walking/jogging trail for families to enjoy. Located nearby is an elementary school that is home to the Buccaneers. The park is also home to the Model Railroad Clubhouse.

Prancer - reindeer wearing yellow sweater

Clue 3: Find Prancer

Located off of Highway 6, is a joint City of Bryan and Bryan ISD park. You will find a reindeer enjoying the park’s numerous features including tennis courts, a covered basketball pavilion, a track, soccer/football goals, and walking trails. Adjacent to this park is an intermediate school that is the home of the Raiders.

Vixen - reindeer with purple sweater

Clue 4: Find Vixen

Located on Bryan’s west side, this 10-acre park is located in a subdivision where families can enjoy the walking paths to local neighborhoods, a basketball court, play structures, and fitness stations along the loop. Features also include a creek running throughout the park, although you won’t find this reindeer walking on the edge of water.

Comet - Reindeer in maroon sweater

Clue 5: Find Comet

On the east side of Bryan near Highway 6, you will find this reindeer lurking around a building. Residents visit this office to rent local parks and facilities for special occasions. Across the street you will find a park with a kitchen, covered basketball court, soccer fields, baseball fields, and a pool open during the summer.

Cupid - reindeer in pink sweater

Clue 6: Find Cupid

Located in Austin’s Colony Park, this old inline hockey rink has brought much attention to Bryan. Behind the outdoor basketball court, you will find a place where all ages come to play a fun paddle sport. You may also find this reindeer enjoying the game.

Donner - reindeer with blue sweater holding a present

Clue 7: Find Donner

Located near Park Hudson Trail, you will find a park with dogs running around without a leash. This five-acre state-of-the-art park has three separate play areas and gravel walking trails for everyone to enjoy with their furry friends. You may also find one of Santa’s reindeer playing fetch with his fur buddy.

Blitzen - reindeer wearing lime green sweater

Clue 8: Find Blitzen

It may not be Santa’s workshop, but you will find the top elves of Bryan in this building. Located near Historic Downtown Bryan, residents visit this building to obtain permits, attend meetings, or receive information about the City of Bryan. You may find this reindeer taking pictures with the deer statues.

Rudolph - reindeer wearing red sweater with Christmas lights in his antlers

Clue 9: Find Rudolph

Located on the west side of Bryan near Beck Street, this community park is the perfect location for “Reindeer Games” as it is the largest in the city. You can find Santa’s team throughout the park either at sand volleyball courts, lighted soccer fields, basketball courts, the skate park, or at one of the 20 picnic tables. You may get a glimpse of the most famous reindeer of all on the water slide at the seasonal pool.


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Download and print off the reindeer clues to help you find all nine reindeer.

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