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City of Bryan, Texas

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    Do You Need a Permit? Find Out Here!

    The City of Bryan issues many permits for a variety of different reasons and events. These instances vary from oil and gas permits to garage sales to construction and building permits.Permits are issued by the city department responsible for the oversight of a specific area or field of expertise. Below is a listing of permits, broken down by which department is responsible for issuance:

    Planning and Development Services Permits

    Permits issued by this department include a wide variety of planning, zoning, building and construction areas, including:

    • Building Permits
    • Sign Permits
    • Garage Sale Permits
    • Change of Use, Ownership or Tenant
    • Biocorridor – Site Plan
    • Vendor-Solicitor Permit / Itinerant Vendor Permit
    • Hookah or Cigar Bar Application

    Engineering Services Permits

    Permits issued by this department include areas pertaining to underground utilities, street cuts, and oil and gas permits. This department can also provide information about TxDOT permits that are necessary in some instances, such as state right-of-way requests.

    • Right of Way Work Permits
    • Street Cut Permits
    • TxDOT Permits and Information

    Environmental Compliance Permits

    The Environmental Compliance Team of the City of Bryan’s Water Services Department issues a variety of permits dealing with oil and gas operations, seismic testing, wastewater transportation and other environmental concerns.

    • Wastewater Transporter Application
    • Industrial Waste Survey and Permit Application

    Oil and Gas Permits

    • Oil and Gas Well Operations Permit Application
    • Seismic Survey Permit Application

    Permits Issued by City Secretary’s Office

    Permits issued by the City Secretary’s Office pertain to situations such as vehicles for hire, ambulance, grave-digging, and horse-drawn carriages. The City Secretary’s Office is also responsible for birth and death certificates and other vital statistics certificates.

    • Transportation Network Company Permit
    • Taxicab Service License
    • Pedicab Service Permit
    • Gravedigging Permit
    • Horse-Drawn Carriage Permit
    • Birth Certificates
    • Death Certificates

    Alarm Permits, Fees, and Regulations

    The Bryan Police Department issues permits for residential and commercial alarm systems, as well as providing information about these types of systems and city regulations pertaining to them.

    Fire Protection Systems, Permits, and Inspections

    If you are considering installing a fire alarm, fire sprinkler, standpipe, hood or other alternative systems, or underground fire lines, here is the information you need to know. If you have any questions about this process, please call (979) 209-5960.

    Special Events Permits

    The City of Bryan Parks and Recreation Department issues permits for special events.

    Mobile Food Vendor Permits

    The City of Bryan’s Water Services Department issues mobile food vendor permits. This permit is issued to any business which sells edible goods from a non-permanent (i.e. mobile) location within the City of Bryan.

    Liquor Licenses

    An annual fee is charged to businesses engaged in liquor sales approved by the State. The City of Bryan Fiscal Services Department collects the fee, which is one-half the State’s fee. Businesses must have the State, County, and City permits to legally sell alcohol within the City limits. For more information, contact the City of Bryan’s Fiscal Services Department.