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City of Bryan, Texas



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Mobile Food Vendor Permits (Food Trucks)

The City of Bryan’s Water Services Department issues mobile food vendor permits. This permit is issued to any business which sells edible goods from a non-permanent (i.e. mobile) location within the City of Bryan.


  • An initial permitting fee of $500 is required, via check or money order. No cash or card payments.
  • Permitted vendors will be required to display a City-issued permit sticker on their unit.
  • Vending units may not operate stationary in a single location for more than five (5) consecutive days; more than eight (8) hours/day; more than thirty (30) minutes on any public street approved for sale. All vending units must be removed from the point of sale each day and may not remain parked at the point of sale overnight.
  • Written consent from the property owner is required if the vending unit is parked on private property
  • All vending units must be self-sufficient for water and sewer utilities.
  • Permits are valid for one (1) year and expire annually on December 31st.

Please allow City staff forty eight (48) hours prior to scheduling an inspection of your vending unit once your application has been submitted. Inspections are performed by appointment only, and walk-ins will not be accepted.

Fire Marshal’s Office

The Bryan Fire Marshal’s Office is part of the inspection process and Fire Officials will be inspecting each vending unit for the following:

  1. Fire extinguishers required:
    • All extinguishers must be mounted, up off the floor, and easily accessible.
    • All units – 3A40BC rated fire extinguisher.
    • Vending units producing grease-laden vapors (grills, fryers, etc.) – Class K rated portable fire extinguisher.
  2. Vending units producing grease-laden particles within the vending unit are required to have an extinguishing vent.
  3. Compressed gas cylinders and connections used must be in good repair and rated for use with petroleum gas.
  4. Electrical hazards and means of egress within the vending unit.
  5. All appliances must be mounted with metal L brackets to the wall and floor.
  6. All units with gas must present a current receipt showing a licensed plumber has conducted a pressure test and the unit has passed.
  7. A quarter-turn shut off valve must be easily accessible by propane tank.
  8. All propane tanks must be secured with mounting bracket.
  9. LP Propane Alarm must be installed. You may purchase a RV Propane Gas Detector or a Classic Propane Gas Alarm.

All mobile food vendors should meet all application and safety requirements in order for a permit to be issued.

City-issued mobile food vendor permits expire annually on December 31. To avoid a delay in service to your customers, we suggest that you begin your permit renewal process promptly after renewal of your Health Department Permit.

For more information, please call the Public Works Call Center at 979-209-5900.