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City of Bryan, Texas



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Fire Department

The Bryan Fire Department has an operational budget of approximately $18.5 million with 154 full-time employees operating out of five fire stations. The department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the City of Bryan, as well as EMS to the northern half of Brazos County.

Tier II reports

If you need to file a Tier II report to the Bryan Fire Department, please email your document in PDF format to:

Bryan Fire Department: Recruiting - Join Us!

How to Become a Bryan Firefighter

Do you have what it takes to be a member of the Bryan Fire Department? Our Recruiting page has all the information to help you find out.

ISO Class 1 and CAAS Accredited logos


Fire Chief

  • Richard Giusti

Deputy / Assistant / Battalion Chiefs

  • Jordan Gallagher, Deputy Fire Chief
  • Jason Nored, Assistant Chief – Operations
  • D.J. Capener, Assistant Chief – EMS
  • Marc Murchison , Battalion Chief – “A” Shift
  • Matt Ford , Battalion Chief – “B” Shift
  • Brian Casto , Battalion Chief – “C” Shift

Fire Marshal’s Office

  • Marc McFeron, Fire Marshal
  • Gerald Burnett, Assistant Fire Marshal – Battalion Chief
  • Ethan Ballard, Deputy Fire Marshal – Lieutenant
  • Rhett Filburn, Deputy Fire Marshal – Lieutenant
  • Robert Williamson, Deputy Fire Marshal – Lieutenant
  • Gary Plagens, Inspector – Firefighter
  • Kimberly Frederick, Fire Services Clerk

Administrative Staff

  • Julian Medina, Support Services Technician
  • Nikki Koski, Executive Assistant
  • Wanda Clark, Fire Services Clerk
  • Rev. Ernest Upchurch, Chaplain

BFD Run Stats

Year Number of Calls
2021 15,031
2020 13,071
2019 13,301
2018 12,570
2017 11,982
2016 11,292
2015 11,062
2014 10,272
2013 9,261
2012 9,420

Our History

The Bryan Fire Department was established on July 5th, 1871, incorporated by the State of Texas as Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. The Department consisted of one hand drawn ladder truck with six ladders ranging from 12 to 14 feet long, pike poles, axes, a pull down hook and chain and twelve leather buckets.

On June 3rd, 1881, Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 amended their charter and reorganized as Protection Engine Company No. 1, City of Bryan, Texas.

One month earlier, a committee had been appointed to raise funds for the purchase of a steam fire engine. That fire engine turned out to be the first piece of American La France fire apparatus to come to Texas.

With the purchase of the steamer, a major problem faced the volunteers – the Company did not have sufficient funds to buy their own horse team. A standing reward of $5 was offered to the first team to arrive at the fire house to handle the propelling chores when called to duty. A reward of $1 was offered to the second team that arrived.

In 1914, the first piece of motorized equipment was purchased and in 1921, the Company hired its first full-time employee. The employee was on duty seven days a week, 24 hours a day and was paid a “none too attractive” salary. When he wanted to take a day off, he had to pay for a replacement. The second full-time employee was hired in 1928 and by 1960, the Department had grown to 28 full-time employees and one volunteer.

Today, the Bryan Fire Department employees over 154 full-time firefighters and staff that operate out of five fire stations. The Department has specialized teams trained in building collapse, confined space, high angle rescue, lost person/wilderness search, trench rescue, and water rescue.

We are proud of our history and the service of our forefathers. We plan to continue the commitment and dedication they showed in serving the citizens of Bryan.

Protection Company Number One

In the early days of the Bryan Fire Department, “Protection Company No. One” was proudly etched on the lantern mounted on our first steamer, the symbol under which all members of the fire department rallied. Now, those words remain the bywords for caring and fellowship as it was in those early days.

Though the Bryan Fire Department itself has undergone changes and reorganization, one thing has lasted through the ages – the feeling of comradeship. It is an association of benevolence and togetherness under which each member of the department belongs. It is a fraternity that stands for mutual protection and support of all members.

The dues that are paid go toward emotional support and assistance for each member and his/her family in time of need. They also help in making the on-duty lives of the members more easily endured. Additionally, the Company is charged with honoring retirees and giving due and worthy recognition to our long-serving members. We are the guardians of the memorial, which stands as a monument to those who have passed before us.

The lantern of Protection Company Number One stands now and always as a beacon which brightens our past, illuminates our present, and guides our future.


Fire Station No. 1

300 William Joel Bryan Parkway, Bryan, Texas 77803

station 1

station 1 logo 


  • Battalion 1 – Command Vehicle
  • Engine 1 – 1500 GPM Pumper
  • Truck 1 – 100’ Aerial Platform
  • Rescue 1 – Heavy Rescue Vehicle
  • Boat 1 – Zodiac FC 420 Swift Water Rescue Boat with 40 hp
  • Boat 2 – 19-foot Boat Right Center Console Lake Rescue Boat with 115 hp
  • EMS 1 – Paramedic Supervisor / Safety Officer Vehicle
  • Medic 1 – ALS Ambulance

Fire Station No. 2

414 Lawrence St., Bryan, Texas 77801

fire station 2

station 2 logo

  • Engine 2 – 1500 GPM Pumper
  • Medic 2 – ALS Ambulance
  • Booster 2 – TIFMAS Grass Truck – Ford F550
  • Mobile Command Post (MCP1) – Mobile Command Vehicle
  • Arson Investigation Trailer

Fire Station No. 3

3211 Briarcrest Drive, Bryan, Texas 77802

fire station number 3

station 3 logo 

  • Engine 3 – 1500 GPM Pumper
  • Medic 3 – ALS Ambulance

Fire Station No. 4

5429 North Texas Avenue, Bryan, Texas 77803

fire station number 4

fire station number 4 logo  

  • Engine 4 – 1500 GPM Pumper
  • Booster 4 – Brush / Wildland Truck

Fire Station No. 5

2052 W. Villa Maria Road, Bryan, Texas 77808

fire station number 5

fire station number 5 logo    

  • Engine 5 – 1500 GPM Pumper
  • Medic 5 – ALS Ambulance
  • Hazmat 5 – Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle
  • Boat 5 – Zodiac FC 420 Swift Water Rescue Boat with 40 hp

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