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City of Bryan, Texas



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Permits (Engineering)

Land Clearing and Construction Permits

TCEQ Assistance

Right of Way Work Permits

Click here to be taken to our Rights of Way Management page.

After Hours / Early Work Requests

In order to become under consideration to perform work outside of the City of Bryan authorized construction hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday) contractors are required to submit a reason for the request and a draft door hanger that will be used to notify the residential and commercial occupants surrounding the area of work.

View door hanger requirements and more information

Texas Department of Transportation Permits

Driveway Access on TxDOT Roadway

One is for the construction of a driveway that will connect to a state roadway. Once a developer completes the Driveway Access on TxDOT Roadway form, the form must be returned to the City of Bryan Engineering Department for review. The Engineering Department then forwards the driveway access form to the Department of Transportation for approval.

Other TxDOT forms

Visit TxDOT for the latest TxDOT forms and access to the RULIS Permitting System

If you’re looking for Building Permits, please click here to visit the Building Services Department.