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City of Bryan, Texas



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Map Requests

The Engineering Department can provide information in a “Hard Copy” format or “Digital” format, depending on the information requested. The following information may also be found within our GIS Mapping Services:

  • Engineering As-Built Drawings of Public Infrastructure
  • Rights-of-Way / Easements
  • Subdivision Plats
  • City Maps
  • Aerial Photos
  • Planimetrics / Topo (2′ Contours) Maps
  • Subdivision Maps
  • Street Maps
  • Utility Maps (Water, Sewer, Storm)
  • Flood Zone Maps
  • Historical Aerial Maps
  • Annexation / De-annexation Maps
  • Surveying Monumentation

GIS Data can be provided upon request.

Additional requests for information or services may be obtained by Emailing Engineering Services or by contacting us at (979) 209-5030.

Surveying Control Monumentation

Surveyors and engineers locate various physical elements of the land using control monuments.  All control monuments were established on the ground by the City of Bryan and are concrete monuments with a brass or aluminum disk set on top.

Strong Surveying, under the direction of owner H. Curtis Strong, Registered Professional Land Surveyor No. 4961 was contracted by the City of Bryan Engineering Department to perform a Global Positioning System (GPS) Survey on control points and photo ID points placed strategically throughout the Bryan area. The location of each point was determined by the City of Bryan under the direction of Surdex, an aerial mapping company that provided the aerial photography for the project. These points were established for the purpose of photo mapping control and were placed in areas of minimal overhead obstructions as to provide the best possible view from the sky. Strong Engineering re-adjusted the existing monuments to the NAD 83 horizontal datum and the 1988 NAVD vertical datum in 2001. Recently Goodwin-Lasiter was contracted to add additional monuments to the system to densify and extend the existing network to cover areas of Bryan that had been annexed since the original monuments were placed and Goodwin-Lasiter was asked to also replace monuments that had been destroyed due to construction. The supplemented monument system is now offered below.

The GEOMETRIC GEODETIC ACCURACY STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR USING GPS RELATIVE POSITIONING TECHNIQUES as published by the Federal Geodetic Control Committee was used as a guideline for performing this survey.

All horizontal control points are shown in NAD27 Feet or NAD 83 Feet and vertical is shown in NGVD 1929 feet or NAVD 1988 as per the requirements of the City of Bryan. This network was based on utilizing the following NGS Control Monuments as fixed. Bryan Reset, Harvey, Kurten, Smetana, and Texas A&M. Vertical Datum was based on utilizing USGS Monument Bryan, USGS A & M, USGS Smetana and USGS P933.

The City of Bryan continues to offer the monument book for NAD 27 based on the original monuments placed and now offers the new supplemented monument book for NAD 83 in adobe acrobat.  Should you prefer a hard copy please call the Engineering Department at (979) 209-5030.

Subdivision Plats

Available online are scanned images of all the final subdivision plats within the City of Bryan and it’s ETJ area that are recorded at the Brazos County Courthouse.  Also available online are the scanned images of unrecorded subdivision plats as well as a partial listing of the preliminary plans for subdivisions and mobile home park plans.  A complete listing of the preliminary plans and mobile home park plans is expected by summer of 2006.

To access these plats, click on the link below to go to the list of available plats. Then locate your plat of interest and click the file to view the scanned image (Tiff Format):

Additional requests for information or services may be obtained via Email or by contacting (979) 209-5030.