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City of Bryan, Texas

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    Building Codes, Ordinances, and Unified Design Guidelines

    Ordinances and Guidelines

    The primary development-related ordinances of the City of Bryan are listed below. Click on the appropriate title to view and/or download the ordinance. All files are in PDF format. Please click here to download Acrobat Reader. To view all the current ordinances for the City of Bryan please visit the webpage.

    Building Services

    Building Services is responsible for the issuance of permits for construction, vendors, solicitors, signs and garage sales.  Building Services also performs building inspections prior to occupancy of structures, during construction/remodeling, and to determine whether structures are safe or if structures should be demolished per Dangerous Structures Ordinance.

    Services offered by Building Services:

    Do I need a permit? / ¿Necesito Obtener un Permiso?

    City of Bryan Building and Electrical Code Updates 2017

    The Board of Adjustment and Appeals met on June 6 and July 20, 2017 where they reviewed and approved the following code amendments. These changes went to City Council for review on August 22, 2017 and September 12, 2017. City Council approved the following for adoption with a proposed effective date of September 21, 2017:

    • 2015 International Mechanical Code
    • 2015 International Plumbing Code
    • 2015 International Existing Building Code
    • 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
    • 2015 International Fuel Gas Code
    • 2015 International Building Code
    • 2015 International Residential Code
    • 2015 international Fire Code
    • 2014 National Electrical Code

    If you have any questions or need more information about the code updates or the adoption process, please contact Chief Building Official Greg Cox at (979) 209-5010 or email

    The 2014 National Electrical Code is now in effect for the City of Bryan.

    2012 and 2015 International Codes: City Staff Review Notes

    2014 National Electrical Code: City Staff Review Notes

    Adopted Codes and Amendments

    The following building codes and ordinances have been adopted by the City of Bryan:

    Permit and Inspection Fees

    Building Plan Review

    Building Plan Review is performed to ensure that proposed structures comply with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes, ordinances, and building codes in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the structure’s occupants. Information regarding the requirements and review times for various residential and commercial construction documents, as well as professional qualifications for architects and engineers and requirements for construction permits are listed below.

    Residential (New & Remodeled)

    Two complete sets of scaled drawings (8.5 x 11 Format), which include:

    • Site Plan
    • Foundation Plan & Details
    • Floor Plan & Details (Existing and Proposed: Remodels)
    • Structural/Framing Plans & Details
    • Interior & Exterior HVAC unit locations
    • Electrical Plan
    • Plumbing Fixture Locations, including Water Heater
    • All Exterior Elevations & Roof Plan
    • Energy Compliance Calculations (REScheck)

    Review Time: 24 hours (Typical)

    For a more detailed list of requirements, click here: Residential Permit Requirements


    Two complete sets of scaled drawings, which include:

    Review Time: 10 Business Days (Typical)

    For a more detailed list of requirements, click here: Commercial Permit Requirements

    View Commercial Building Design Guidelines and Color Palette

    Swimming Pools, Spa or Hot Tub

    Two complete sets of scaled drawings (8.5 x 11 inch Format), which include a site plan showing:

    • property lines
    • setbacks
    • easements
    • all existing structures
    • the location of required screening fence

    Review Time: 24 hours (Typical)

    Signs, Fences, Accessory Buildings, Carports, Etc.

    Two complete sets of scaled drawings (8.5 x 11 inch Format), which include a site plan showing:

    • property lines
    • setbacks
    • easements
    • all existing structures
    • the location of the proposed structure

    Review Time: 24 hours (Typical)

    City Architect/Engineering Requirements (in addition to State Requirements)

    The design professional shall be an architect or engineer legally registered under the laws of the State of Texas and shall affix his official seal to said drawings, specifications, and accompanying data for the following:

    1. All Group A, E, and I occupancies
    2. Buildings or structures three (3) or more stories high
    3. Buildings or structures 5,000 square feet or more in area

    Contractor Permits (All Types)

    Completed permit application with description of work.

    Review Time: Same day (Typical)

    Building Inspections

    Building inspections are required to ensure that construction is proceeding according to the submitted and approved development plans, and meets all current and applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and building codes.

    It is the contractor’s responsibility to schedule all inspections by contact Building Services with the site address of the project and the type of inspection needed.

    Inspections are required prior to:

    • Pouring/placement of concrete, brick, or sheet rock
    • Covering electrical, plumbing, mechanical work, or fire-sprinkler systems
    • Covering insulation
    • Covering floor and wall framing
    • Installation of commercial kitchen hoods and fire suppression systems

    Building Inspection Sequence

    Disclaimer: Below is the recommended sequence of building inspections for both residential and commercial construction. Although the Development Services department strongly encourages that builders and developers schedule inspections for their projects in the order listed below, we recognize that there will be exceptions. The actual sequence of inspections, excluding final inspections, will be determined by the specific phase(s) of construction completed at the time the inspection(s) is/are requested. A Slab or Foundation inspection is only performed after the Plumbing rough in, and a Building Frame Inspection is only performed after the other rough-in’s and the plumbing top out.  The Building Final is always last (No exceptions).


    • Plumbing Rough In
    • Slab or Foundation Inspection & Piers
    • Electrical Rough In
    • Mechanical Rough In
    • Plumbing Top out
    • Building Frame Inspection
    • Building Insulation Inspection
    • Electrical Final
    • Mechanical Final
    • Plumbing Final
    • Building Final


    • Plumbing rough in
    • Slab Inspection & Piers
    • Electrical Rough in or wall cover
    • Mechanical Rough in (can wait until ceiling cover)
    • Plumbing Top out (can wait until ceiling cover)
    • Building Frame Inspection
    • Building Insulation Inspection
    • Electrical Ceiling Cover
    • Electrical Final
    • Plumbing Final
    • Mechanical Final
    • Building Final


    Again, all other inspections for a specific phase needs to be performed and passed before a Building Slab, Frame or Final can be performed.

    Inspection request received before 8:00 AM, Monday thru Friday, will be schedule the same day. Request received after 8:00 AM, Monday thru Friday, will be scheduled the following business day.

    BCS Unified Design Guidelines, Specifications and Standard Construction Details

    This information is provided as a technical resource for engineering and architectural professionals for use in design and construction activities in the rights-of-way or easements. Design professionals assume responsibility for selection, reference, and appropriate application of these resources. These standard details can only be modified, when approved in advance, by the City Engineer, or an authorized representative. Persons making use of the information contained in these files shall be solely responsible for their use. These files are not intended as a substitute for the professional judgment of a design professional.