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City of Bryan, Texas

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Special Event Permits

City of Bryan staff will route a Special Event Permit Application through the appropriate city offices for approval or denial of application. An applicant will be notified of approval/disapproval pending compliance with noted concerns, within 10 business days of the application.  Final notice will be given no less than 5 days prior to the date of the event.  Applicants may appeal the denial of a special event permit application or the conditions to be imposed with the permit pursuant to Section 106-196 of the Bryan City Code.  If Streets need to be closed or Solid Waste Containers are needed, the proper applications need to be completed and the applicable fees paid. Make sure any sketches, maps, or additional information as outlined in the application are included.

Download: Special Event Permit (PDF)

Let’s Define What is Considered a “Special Event”

Special Event: Shall mean an event to be held within the City of Bryan,that is of limited duration, and is likely to attract 100 or more visitors and shall include, without limitation, exhibitions, automobile races, sporting events, festivals, air shows, carnivals, circuses, revivals, tent sales, concerts, parades, runs, walks, races or motorcades.

Street Closing Event: Any activity, including but not limited to special events which require the closing of any public street, sidewalk or alley and which require rerouting of normal or usual traffic flow.

Parade: Any march or procession consisting of people, animals, or vehicles, or a combination thereof, except funeral processions, upon any public street, sidewalk, alley, park or other outdoor places owned or under the control of the city.

Run: Any event that is considered a walk, run, or race consisting of people upon any public street, sidewalk or alley.

Motorcade: Any organized procession containing 10 or more motor vehicles, except funeral processions and authorized governmental processions, upon any public street, sidewalk or alley.

Exemptions to Special Event Permits

The following may be conducted within the City of Bryan without a permit:

  • Special Events, Street Closing Events, Parades, Runs, Walks, Races or Motorcades hosted or sponsored by the City of Bryan (i.e., where the City of Bryan itself is the promoter) shall not require a permit but notice of same shall be given to the Police Department, Fire Department, Public Works Department, Development Services Department and the Brazos County Health Department.
  • Private Parties Held on Residential Private property and to which the public is not invited and where there are no more than 100 guests.
  • An Event Wholly Contained On property specifically designed or suited for the special event and which has an appropriate certificate of occupancy, appropriate zoning, and adequate parking.
  • Funeral Processions

Special Event Permit and Deposit Fees

The Special Event Permit Fee shall be paid at the time of application.  The permit must be present on site at all times during the event.  The deposit fees shall be paid when the total amount of all event fees are determined.  The deposit fees will be refunded after the event, within 20 business days, less any expenses incurred by the City due to the event.

Event Size Permit Fee Permit Deposit Fee Minimum Days Prior to Event
under 100 persons $30.00 $00.00 20 working days
100 – 499 persons $30.00 $500.00 20 working days
500 – 999 persons $60.00 $1,000.00 40 working days
1000 – 3999 persons $90.00 $1,500.00 40 working days
4000 + persons $120.00 $2,000.00 60 working days

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation notice procedure: Notice must be made in writing at least 10 working days in advance of reservation date to qualify for an eighty percent (80%) partial refund. Mail your written notice to Parks and Recreation Office, PO Box 1000, Bryan, TX   77805. Or, fax to (979)209-5524. Notification date will be the date the Parks and Recreation Office receives the written or fax notice.
  • Groups failing to use their permits and/or failing to cancel permits at least 10 working days prior to their event date will forfeit their entire fees paid.
  • Permits may only be transferred or fully refunded with weather exceptions or City preemption. The Parks and Recreation Office must receive written request for such within 5 working days after the original permit date.

Street Closings

Temporary street closing is defined as a street closure for duration of eight (8) hours or less.  The deposit fees will be refunded after the event, within 20 business days, less any expenses incurred by the City due to the event.

The City of Bryan will provide temporary street closing using the following method:

  • Requesting group or individual will fill out the Temporary Street Closing Application.
  • Applicant shall attach a required sketch or drawing of the proposed closure.
  • City delivers, sets, and retrieves barricades: $100.00 for the first location, $50.00 per location thereafter
  • Street Closing Deposit: $200.00 (separate check)

Solid Waste Containers

If Solid Waste containers are needed, they may be made available for temporary use during special events.

The fees shall be (per container):
90 Gallon: $26.00
300 Gallon: $34.00
2CY: $38.00
3CY: $42.00
4CY: $50.00
6CY: $58.00
8CY: $66.00


Each time (after the first) that a container is serviced, there will be an additional servicing fee of:
90 Gallon: $16.90
300 Gallon: $22.10
2CY: $24.50
3CY: $27.30
4CY: $32.50
6CY: $37.70
8CY: $42.90


Standard guidelines for determining Container needs:

Number of People / Container Size

150 / 90 gallon
450 / 300 gallon
900 / 3 cubic yard (CY)
1,200 / 4CY
1,800 / 6 CY
2,400 / 8 CY

  • Estimate 1 CY/300 people.
  • Events over 4000 people will need to obtain roll-off containers from a permitted waste hauler.
  • Container requirements may increase based on the type of event and potential for waste generation.

Street Sweeping

If street sweeping is requested, the fee is $75.00 per hour.


If use of the median electrical outlets (Main Street) is requested, the fee is $50.00 per block.

Vendor and Alcohol Permits

If there will be vendors at your event, each of them will need to purchase a special event vendor’s permit.  The permit will allow vendors to sell food, non-alcoholic beverages, or merchandise at the event.  The special event vendor permit is $50.00.  If food and beverages are served, you may need to purchase a $55 temporary food permit for food & soft drinks from the Brazos County Health Dept. @ 361-4450.

If there will be alcohol present/allowed at the event, you will be required to purchase an alcohol permit.  The alcohol permit is $35.00.  If you provide/sell alcoholic beverages, you will need to contact TABC @ 260-8222.


The City of Bryan does not provide port-o-potties.  It is the responsibility of the event organizers to supply port-o-potties (or restrooms) at a rate of 1 per 150 persons, including at least one that meets ADA requirements.


The Bryan Police Department will determine if and how many police officers will be required at your event. Expenses for the Officers will be paid by the event organizers directly to the Bryan Police Department. If additional police need to be brought in to handle a problem during the event, it will be at the event organizer’s expense.

Booths, Tents or Canopies

If your event will include any tents or canopies, please provide a copy of the Certificate of Fire Retardant when submitting the permit application. All booths that will be cooking on-site, must meet all applicable fire codes for the City of Bryan. Fire extinguishers must be supplied for events that include booths, tents, or canopies.


Insurance is required for all special events at which the attendance is estimated at 500 or more people. It may be required for events with fewer people if food or alcohol is sold or given away or activities are of a physical nature that would warrant insurance. The City reserves the right to review and determine amount of coverage required based on level of activity at the Special Event.

Amounts of general liability insurance required are:

  • Up to 999 people in attendance: General Liability with minimum limits of $500,000 Combined Single Limit for personal injury, death, property damage.
  • 1,000 up in attendance: General Liability with minimum limits of $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for personal injury, death, property damage.

All events, no matter what size, will be required to have $1,000,000 liquor liability insurance if any alcohol is being sold or served. Host liquor liability insurance will satisfy this requirement if alcohol is only being served.

Each policy will name the City of Bryan as Additional Insured and a copy of the Certificate of Insurance will be submitted to the City Parks & Recreation Department at least 10 working days prior to the event.  Failure to provide required insurance will result in cancellation of the event and forfeiture of permit fees paid. The City of Bryan will not waive insurance requirements.

Area Notifications of Impacted Neighbors

The event coordinator, with an expected street closure, shall notify all residences and businesses within the street closure area and within a 300 foot radius of the outer perimeter of the event (as marked by fencing or entrance table indicated on the event diagrams submitted to the City). The event organizer shall obtain signatures of those so notified of the upcoming event. Such signatures do not denote approval but solely signify notification.  A diagram of the notification area shall be submitted with the signature sheet.

The event organizer shall leave a notification letter with each signee.  This letter shall include the following information: 1. Name of Event, 2. Dates and times of Event, 3. Brief description of the Event, 4. Any closure areas, 5. Name and phone number of Event contact should they have issues, 6.  Where attendees will be parking.

The signatures of notification, the notification letter and the notification diagram shall be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the Special Event. In addition, the event organizer shall comply with all additional requirements imposed by the City of Bryan with respect to notification and approval by residents and businesses affected by the Special Event. Under certain circumstances where events may generate extremely large crowds, loud noise or parking issues, staff may require additional notification time/signatures/outreach.