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City of Bryan, Texas

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Planning and Development Services

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The City of Bryan Development Services Department cares about our customers’ satisfaction and we want to know what you think about the service we provide.

Roof Repairs: Make Sure Your Contractor Does the Job Right

Don’t get stuck with shoddy roof repairs, or get scammed by an unethical contractor. Here’s info you need so you can find a reputable contractor and insure the repair work is done right. If you have any questions about permits and code requirements, please contact Development Services at (979) 209-5010 or email

City of Bryan Building and Electrical Code Updates 2017

The Development Services department, which includes the Planning and Building Services groups, plays a vital role in maintaining the vitality of the City of Bryan. The department provides local citizens and development professionals with the information and support they need to expeditiously and safely design and build quality commercial and residential structures throughout the city.

Core Services:

  • Maintenance and enforcement of all development related ordinances
  • Ensuring that all construction occurs in accordance with all applicable laws, ordinances, and building codes
  • Issuing permits and licenses for construction, renovation, garage sales, vendors, solicitors, and signs
  • Do I need a permit? / ¿Necesito Obtener un Permiso?
  • Identifying and coordinating the demolition of dangerous structures
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans for future growth and revitalization
  • Work with appointed boards, commissions, and committees to ensure development related issues are resolved in an expedient and professional manner

View Planning and Development Application Status Updates

Updated June 30, 2017


Office Hours Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Our main office is located at 300 S. Texas Ave., at the northwest corner of Texas Avenue and 29th Street in Bryan’s historic downtown.

Kevin Russell Director (979) 209-5130

Planning Services

Martin Zimmermann, AICP Planning Manager (979) 209-5030
Randy Haynes, AICP Senior Planner (979) 209-5030
Lindsay Hackett Staff Planner (979) 209-5030
Stephanie Doland Project Planner (979) 209-5030
Allison Kay Staff Planner (979) 209-5030
Karen Lahde Plans Examiner (979) 209-5030
Craig Tepera Plans Examiner (979) 209-5030
Megan Hancock Development Technician (979) 209-5030

For general planning inquiries, please contact Planning Services.

Building Services

Cody Cravatt Development Manager (979) 209-5030
Greg Cox, CBO, CFM Chief Building Official (979) 209-5030
Charmaine McKinzie Staff Assistant (979) 209-5030
Marie Garcia Dev. Services Representative (979) 209-5010
Joy Teague Dev. Services Representative (979) 209-5010
Yajaira Rivera Dev. Services Representative (979) 209-5010
Jerry Fagan Building Inspector (979) 209-5010
Chris Mushinski Building Inspector (979) 209-5010
Joe Nuche Building Inspector (979) 209-5010
Derrick Williams Building Inspector (979) 209-5010
Danny Sikorski Building Inspector (979) 209-5010
Nick Koski Building Inspector (979) 209-5010
Weston Bustetter Drainage Inspector (979) 446-3046

Building Inspectors are generally in the office from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. each working day.

For general building services inquiries, please contact Building Services.

Corridor Beautification Partnership: Texas Avenue

texas avenue grant area map

The Corridor Beautification Partnership (CBP) is a matching grant program approved by the Bryan City Council. The grant focuses on improvements to retail and commercial properties located along Texas Avenue in Bryan. If a property is in need of outer improvements to the landscaping, façade, or signage, then the property owner or tenant can apply for these funds. The goal of the CBP is to improve the visual impact of the gateway to Bryan. Matching grants are awarded for up to 50 percent of the total estimated construction cost. The total amount of available funds for all 2017 improvement projects is $100,000.

Applications may be submitted in the Development Services Office in the Municipal Office Building at 300 South Texas Avenue on the corner of South Texas Avenue and East 29th Street. Please be aware that in an effort to assist as many applicants as possible with the limited program funds available, the City of Bryan can make no guarantee that all submitted requests will be funded.

For more information about the program please contact Lindsay Hackett, Staff Planner at or call (979) 209-5030.

Downtown Life Safety Grant Program

life safety grant area map

The Downtown Life Safety Grant (LSG) is a matching grant program intended to provide financial assistance for the installation and compliance of the International Building Code fire suppression and safety code requirements. Eligible improvements include but are not limited to; fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, fire rated windows, walls and doors, means of egress and exit signage.

Goals of the LSG include to encourage private investment in commercial and multi-family housing downtown through the use of public incentives; and to stimulate the redevelopment of vacant or open-for-business buildings in Historic Downtown Bryan. Matching grants are awarded for up to 50% of the total estimated cost, up to $35,000 of each life safety improvement. The aggregate total of grants awarded to a property may not exceed $50,000.

Applications for fiscal year 2018 are now being accepted.

Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first serve basis. Once all funds for the fiscal year have been allocated, no more applications will be accepted until the following fiscal year.

Applications are also available at the Development Services Office in the Municipal Office Building, 300 S. Texas Ave., on the corner of South Texas Avenue and East 29th Street.

For more information contact Stephanie Doland at or (979) 209-5030.

Downtown Improvements Matching Grant Program

downtown improvement area

The City of Bryan Downtown Improvements Matching Grant Program (DIP) is a program intended to provide financial assistance to help fund construction or maintenance projects that will improve the exterior appearance of commercial or multi-family buildings located in portions of Downtown Bryan.

The goal of the DIP is to make Bryan’s unique downtown environment more attractive, improve the economic viability of businesses and, increase property values; all while preserving and enhancing Bryan’s architectural and cultural history. Eligible improvements that qualify for possible reimbursement include, but are not limited to the repair or replacement of brick, ornamental trim or, window and door elements or removing historically insensitive façade slipcovers. Project costs eligible for funding include design, materials and labor. Properties utilized exclusively as single-family residences are not eligible to receive grant funding.

Applications are also available at the Development Services Office in the Municipal Office Building, 300 S. Texas Ave., on the corner of South Texas Avenue and East 29th Street.

Information about new Credit Access Business Ordinances

The City of Bryan recently amended the city’s Code of Ordinances in relation to Credit Access Businesses.

Ordinance 2032 states that a Credit Access Business is a credit service organization that obtains for a consumer or assists a consumer in obtaining an extension of consumer credit in the form of a deferred presentment transaction or a motor vehicle title loan (definition originates from Section 393.601 of the Texas Finance Code). The key points of Ordinance 2032 include providing for a registration program for credit access businesses that impose restrictions on extensions of consumer credit made by credit access businesses, and imposes record-keeping requirements on credit access businesses.

The City of Bryan also adopted Ordinance 2041. This ordinance included the definition for a credit access business, defined allowed building types for new or relocating businesses, and created distance requirements between credit access business locations and business locations from residential uses.

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News and Updates

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For the purpose of Texas Local Government Code Section 43.052, the City of Bryan adopted the following annexation plan on November 13, 2007:

The City Council has reviewed the future expansion needs of the city and the prospects of development within the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. The City Council has determined that at this time, the city does not intend to annex any territory that in order to be annexed is required to be in an annexation plan.

The City Council reserves the right to amend this annexation plan in the future to add territory for annexation should circumstances change.

Ordinances and Guidelines

The primary development-related ordinances of the City of Bryan are listed below. Click on the appropriate title to view and/or download the ordinance. All files are in PDF format. Please click here to download Acrobat Reader. To view all the current ordinances for the City of Bryan please visit the webpage.

Boards, Commissions and Committees

Board, Commission and Committee Archived Agendas

Site Development Review Committee

(meets every Tuesday)

As part of its commitment to ensure orderly development throughout the city and providing quality customer service, the Development Services department
chairs the Site Development Review Committee (SDRC). The committee ensures that proposed plans and plats conforms to all applicable laws,
ordinances, regulations, codes and requirements. The committee functions as a “one-stop shop” for citizens and development professionals in the
preliminary stages of project development, bring together representatives from all relevant municipal and community entities to address all customer
concerns in one place at one time.

Site Development Review Committee Members:

  • Development Coordinator, Chair
  • Planning Services
  • Building Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Water Services
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Transportation & Drainage
  • Solid Waste Department
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department
  • Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU)
  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

Other Development Boards and Commissions

  • Planning and Zoning Commission
    (meets 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month)
  • Historic Landmark Commission 
    (meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, as needed)
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment 
    (meets 2nd Thursday of each month, as needed)
  • Board of Adjustment and Appeals 
    (meets as needed)
  • Board of Sign Control and Appeals
    (meets as needed)
  • Building and Standards Commission 
    (meets as needed)

Archived Agendas

Listed below are the approved agendas for previous meetings of Planning & Development Service related boards, commissions, and committees.  All files are in PDF format. Please click here to download Acrobat Reader.

For archived agendas and drawings, please click on the following appropriate links:

Historic Landmark Commission – 2017

January 11
February 8
April 12
May 10
June 14
August 9