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City of Bryan, Texas



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Residential Street Lighting

Report street light outage here

Per the City of Bryan Ordinances on Subdivision Design, residential streets are required to have street lights installed during the construction phase at all street intersections and other locations within the subdivision in accordance with the utility standards of Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU). Occasionally, physical conditions in the development, after construction, may require the addition or removal of street lights.

My street is too dark or too bright

Call BTU at 979.821.5700

If you feel your street is either too dark or too bright, please contact BTU. A representative will discuss your situation and meet in the field during the evening hours, if necessary. If changes are necessary, the city will work with the electric provider for that area to plan and construct the necessary improvements. If changes are not necessary, individual property owners or Home Owner Associations may still, at their own expense, coordinate with the city and the electric provider to plan and construct the necessary improvements.

How do I get another street light installed on my residential street?

Street lights are originally installed by developers of neighborhoods according to city standards that are dictated by our ordinances. In general, one street light should be installed at each street intersection and then additional lights should be installed at other locations along a residential street so that they are 300 feet apart.

It is important to note that street lights are not intended to illuminate the fronts of buildings. In fact they are designed not to do so by directing the lighting downward. They are also not intended to illuminate the entire roadway or sidewalk.

Instead, they are intended to help motorists and pedestrians navigate a neighborhood in the dark by pointing out where the intersections (and cul-de-sacs) are and, in the case of mid-block lights, drawing you along the roadway towards the next intersection.

My street lights are more than 300 feet apart

Call 979.209.5900

If you believe that street lights are farther apart than 300 feet in your neighborhood, and ask to speak to a Traffic Engineer to see if an additional light can be installed.