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City of Bryan, Texas



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Commercial Trash Collection

The City of Bryan’s Solid Waste Department services about 380 commercial accounts per day – more than 1,900 customer stops per week. Commercial customers are provided with a variety of dumpster / container sizes depending on each customer’s need.

Collection guidelines

  • All commercial properties must receive solid waste collection and disposal services from the city, except in the event the service needs of a commercial property require the use of a container larger than the city can provide (compactors). In these cases a private waste hauler must be used. The city will provide commercial customers with a MSW container or containers for the removal of garbage and trash.
  • All commercial solid waste must be bagged prior to placement in the MSW container. The MSW container must not be filled greater than the capacity which prevents full closure of the container lid. Lids and doors of all containers must be kept closed at all times except when the container is being filled.
  • Park vehicles at least 10 feet away from all sides of the container.
  • If a container is unserviceable, such as being blocked or containing prohibited items, the collection vehicle will only return to empty the container after the container is clear from other vehicles and prohibited items are removed. This will incur an additional charge.
  • All accepted items must fit inside the container with the lid closed.
  • Tires are not allowed inside the container.
  • Property owners are responsible for ensuring the dumpster enclosure is kept clean and accessible to Solid Waste staff members and vehicles.

Establishing service

New customers must contact us via email or by phone at (979) 209-5900 to set up a site visit to evaluate your disposal needs.

  A Solid Waste representative will inspect your site, help determine the appropriate size container for your business, and discuss the establishment of a commercial contract.

Once a commercial contract is signed, the customer must then contact Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) to set up a utility account.

Contact us

Prohibited items

The following items are not to be placed in the container:

  • Construction debris, remodeling and demolition materials
  • Dirt, sod, brush, or rock
  • Hot ashes or flammable materials such as oil, gas, or paint
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Materials prohibited at the Twin Oaks Landfill