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November 20, 2023

William J. Bryan Parkway construction updates and how to get to Holiday Magic

One of Bryan’s marquee holiday events, Holiday Magic at Sue Haswell Memorial Park, is just around the corner. But if you’ve driven on William J. Bryan Parkway recently, you know that “around the corner” has a completely different meaning.

The ongoing road construction related to the William J. Bryan Parkway Improvements Project is in full swing, and that means it’s going to be more challenging than normal to get to Holiday Magic this year. Don’t worry though. We’ve got some helpful information and the best tips on how to get to Haswell Park for the big event – and we’ve also got some updates on the William J. Bryan Parkway project, and when it’s expected to be completed.

Getting to Holiday Magic

Parking near Haswell Park is always difficult for Holiday Magic, even in the best circumstances, and the construction and temporary lane closures on William J. Bryan won’t make it any better.

Ride the shuttle

Make it easy on yourself and ride the shuttle from the Blinn College. The shuttle runs from 5 – 9 p.m. and will drop you off in a designated loading/unloading zone within Haswell Park. There’s no better way to maximize your Holiday Magic fun time.

Be patient and drive safely on WJB

Yes, this construction is inconvenient, but there are people out there every day working hard to get it completed. So, slow down, obey all traffic signs, and make sure that you keep yourself, and the road construction workers safe when driving on William J. Bryan Parkway.

Don’t park in construction zones or closed lanes

Some of the lanes on William J. Bryan Parkway are temporarily closed while the construction takes place. But that doesn’t mean you can park in those lanes for Holiday Magic. Those closed lanes are in a construction zone and parking there could be dangerous. It’s not worth potentially harming yourself, or your vehicle, parking in a construction zone.

Watch where you’re walking

There’s lots of construction activity happening all around the streets outside of the park. Be careful when walking in, and watch out for holes, debris, or other construction related items.

WJB Project Update – One Zone at a Time

It may seem like this construction has been going on forever, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, that’s sort of how the phases of this project work – like moving step-by-step down a corridor, or through a tunnel, toward the goal at the end. The project is broken down by zones and construction crews are moving from west to east on WJB Parkway. Once it’s completed these improvements will provide an amazing driving, biking and pedestrian experience for everyone.

So, about that timeline…here’s the latest update from the City of Bryan and the Texas Department of Transportation on when this will all be finished. These estimates are subject to change depending on factors like the weather and material lead times, but we’re always working to get all construction projects completed as quickly as possible.

Click to view interactive map of the zones

William J. Bryan Improvements Project Google map image showing the various work zones.

  West Zone

  • Texas Avenue to Baker Avenue
  • Scheduled to be completed in November 2023

  West Roundabout

  • Includes north and south zones around Sue Haswell Memorial Park
  • Scheduled to be completed December 2023 – January 2024

  East Roundabout

  • Centered around June Street
  • Scheduled to be completed January – March 2024

  East Zone (Residential)

  • Freeman Avenue to E. Villa Maria Road
  • Scheduled to be completed April – June 2024

  East Zone (Commercial)

  • E. Villa Maria Road to State Highway 6
  • Scheduled to be completed July – November 2024

Are the lane closures permanent? No.

It may seem like the single lanes on William J. Bryan are very tight right now. And they are. But that is mainly because of all of the construction equipment and work being done, and those lane closures are only temporary.

The completed WJB project will have two lanes on each side of the new raised medians.

Now, those two lanes will be narrower than they were before construction began, but this was part of the design of the project to help with traffic calming, and to provide space for sidewalk improvements, a shared-use path, and the medians themselves. Ultimately this project makes the whole WJB corridor safer to drive on, while also making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Want more information?

Information on this project is regularly updated on the city’s Capital Improvement Projects webpage.

Here you can find information about the design of the improved roadway, who from the city is working on this project, contract amounts, funding sources, the design engineers, and the actual contractors doing the work.

View project details

You can also contact the city’s Engineering Services via email, or call (979) 209-5030.

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