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City of Bryan, Texas



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December 18, 2023

Fireworks are illegal in Bryan all year long – yes, that means Christmas and New Year’s too

fireworks - sparkler for Christmas and New Year's celebrations -- not okay – fireworks are illegal in Bryan all year long.
alternatives to fireworks include glowsticks – these are Okay and are not a hazard to celebrate with.
Sure, it’s not the Fourth of July, but just because Christmas and New Year’s are winter holidays doesn’t mean there are exceptions to the City of Bryan’s fireworks prohibitions.

As a reminder, in the City of Bryan, the possession, storage, sale, use, and discharge of fireworks of all types is prohibited. This includes all types of consumer fireworks, including firecrackers, smoke bombs, fountains, sparklers, poppers, and roman candles.

By avoiding fireworks, you’ll not only be abiding by the law but you’ll also be giving your neighbors, military veterans, and furry friends a break this holiday season.

If you notice fireworks being discharged in your neighborhood, you can call the Bryan Police Department dispatch non-emergency number at 979.361.3888.

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