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City of Bryan, Texas



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Bryan Police Department Compliments or Complaints

The Bryan Police Department accepts citizens compliments and also takes citizen complaints very seriously. We investigate complaints that originate from any source.

Complaints are categorized, based on the severity, as either Class I or Class II. Either the employee’s immediate supervisor or a Professional Standards Unit investigator generally investigates complaints, depending on the classification.

Send a Compliment

File a Complaint

What to Expect

Depending on the nature of the complaint, a citizen will normally speak with the employee’s immediate supervisor first, who will ask for specific information, such as:

  • Your name and contact information
  • When the incident occurred
  • Where the incident took place
  • Names/description of employee(s)
  • Names/contact information of any witnesses
  • Details of the incident

Once received and classified, the investigative process is normally concluded within thirty days, at which time you will be notified of the outcome either by letter or telephone.

The employee’s supervisors, up to and including the Chief of Police, review complaint investigations and the subsequent findings.

How to File a Compliment / Complaint

A compliment/complaint can be initiated using several methods. The method chosen to report the compliment/complaint does not impact the subsequent investigation, as all complaints are investigated. While a delay in reporting allegations will not preclude an investigation, the timeliness of the report may impact our ability to reach a definitive conclusion. Please provide as complete and accurate details of the event as possible.

Online Forms

Send a Compliment

Download a Complaint Form

(Note: The complaint form is a fillable PDF. All official complaint forms must be signed and submitted to the Bryan Police Department.

By Email

Lt. Kyle Halbert , Investigator, Professional Standards Unit

Civil Service Director

By Phone

Intake: (979) 209-5300
Professional Standards Lieutenant: (979) 209-5319
Patrol Sergeant: (979) 209-5301
Civil Service Director: (979) 209-5100

By Mail

Bryan Police Department
P.O. Box 1000
Bryan, TX 77805

Civil Service Director
P.O. Box 1000
Bryan, TX 77805

In Person

Bryan Police Department
303 E. 29th Street
Bryan, TX 77803

Civil Service Director, City Manager’s Office
300 South Texas Ave.
Bryan, TX 77803

What to Expect

  • You can expect that your complaint will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Because a complaint may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal charges against an employee, you may be required to provide a sworn statement.
  • You can expect to learn the disposition of your complaint within 30 days or receive an update at least every 30 days.
  • You can expect your complaint to be investigated fairly without regard to race, gender, religion, past history, sexual orientation, age, etc.
  • You can expect action to be taken upon the conclusion of the investigation, as appropriate.

BPD Expectations

The Bryan Police Department solicits and welcomes citizen feedback concerning employee performance. The Bryan Police Department expects, however that statements and information provided will be truthful. While we have high expectations of our employees and will impose discipline when appropriate, we will vigorously defend employees when allegations are proven false.

Bias Based Profiling

Definition: The targeting of an individual(s) for enforcement action, detention, or interdiction based solely on a trait common to a group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, cultural group, or other identifiable group.

Policy: Members of the Bryan Police Department will not engage in any activities that are discriminatory or indicative of the practice of bias based profiling. Personnel will focus on the conduct of individual and/or specific suspect information in taking police action. Individuals will not be targeted for enforcement action, detention, field contacts, asset seizure and forfeiture efforts, or interdiction solely on the basis of race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, cultural group, or other identifiable group. Any officer found to have engaged in bias based profiling following complete investigation will face appropriate corrective action, which may include diversity training, counseling, or disciplinary measures up to and including indefinite suspension.

Department Policy

The public has the right to expect efficient, fair and impartial law enforcement. Therefore, any misconduct by Department personnel must be detected, thoroughly investigated and properly adjudicated to assure the maintenance of these qualities.

The Department is often evaluated and judged by the conduct of individual members. It is imperative that the entire organization not be subjected to public censure because of the misconduct by a few of its personnel. When an informed public knows that its police department honestly and fairly investigates and adjudicates all allegations of misconduct against its members, this public will be less likely to question the effectiveness of Department investigations of incidents of misconduct.

Employees must be protected against false allegations of misconduct. This can only be accomplished through a consistently thorough investigative process. Personnel who engage in serious acts of misconduct, or who have demonstrated that they are unfit for law enforcement service, must be removed for the protection of the public, the Department, and Department employees.

The Department is constantly seeking to improve its efficiency and the efficiency of its personnel. Occasionally, personnel investigations disclose faulty procedures or policy failures that otherwise would have gone undetected. These procedures can then be improved or corrected.