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May 16, 2022

Who’s who in Public Works? – Public Works Week

You’ve heard of Public Works, but what does this city department include? In honor of Public Works Week and to help us better appreciate this vast department, we’ve gathered a list of the many services that Public Works covers. Some services you may find familiar; others may be new to you, but their job is still the same: to serve Bryan residents in areas that impact you on a daily basis.

Public Works Call Center

The Public Works Call Center is responsible for taking calls from residents and providing support to all departments within Public Works. When residents call with issues or concerns that need addressed, Call Center staff create a work order and communicate it to field staff. Last year, the Call Center handled 58,944 calls and created 26,320 work orders.

If you would like more information about a particular service, call 979.209.5900. The Public Works Call Center is available to assist you over the phone Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To report after-hour emergencies, please call BTU Dispatch at 979.822.3777.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services’ goal is to improve the quality of life for Bryan residents by guiding the growth and managing the design of the city’s infrastructure (water, wastewater, drainage, streets, sidewalks, parks and facilities). This department is primarily responsible for:

  • Reviewing new development plans
  • Managing the capital improvement program and the design and construction management of capital improvement projects
  • Conducting construction inspections of public infrastructure
  • Administration of floodplain management
  • Issuing right of way work permits
  • Managing infrastructure master plans
  • Archiving plans and maps of public infrastructure

Last year, $11.5 million in public infrastructure was constructed through private development, and $19.825 million was constructed through capital improvement projects. Regardless of the method, the city’s goal is to ensure that these projects meet Bryan’s standards of high-quality infrastructure for its residents.

Traffic Operations

Traffic Operations administers the design, construction and maintenance of 70 traffic signals and other traffic control devices placed throughout the City of Bryan. These include, but are not limited to, stop signs, pavement markings, crosswalks and 87 school zone speed limit flashers. The Traffic Operations Division is also responsible for checking and, if necessary, adjusting the timing of traffic signals. They also develop traffic control plans for roadway closures or construction work by other city departments and provide special event road closures at events such as First Fridays or the Christmas Parades in Downtown Bryan. Traffic Operations also manages the Local Area Traffic Management program, which has resulted in multiple installations of traffic-calming devices in neighborhoods such as speed humps.

Woodville Road Roundabout

Fleet Services

Fleet Services is responsible for all the scheduled maintenance and non-scheduled repairs on more than 615 vehicles and equipment of various types and configurations. These include all city-owned fire apparatus and ambulances, trash and sewer trucks, construction and infrastructure maintenance equipment and all standard vehicles and police patrol vehicles. Fleet Services is also responsible for repairs on small engine equipment, including saws, weed trimmers, mowers, pumps, etc. and performs all welding and fabrication tasks for fleet vehicles and equipment.

Streets and Drainage

The Streets and Drainage Department facilitates the design, construction and maintenance of streets and drainage avenues throughout the City of Bryan. The department is responsible for 820 lane miles of streets. These projects may be reactionary to events such as flooding or planned to preempt traffic flows. Streets and Drainage is also responsible for responding to requests for streets and drainage maintenance.

Bryan Animal Center

The purpose of the Bryan Animal Center is to care for lost or stray animals. Animals are brought to the center by Animal Control and good Samaritans, or pets are surrendered by their owners. The center also tries to help reunite these lost animals with their previous owners or, if that is not possible, find them new forever homes. The Bryan Animal Center also holds vaccination and microchip clinics throughout the year that are free to Bryan residents.

Animal Care Techs hold and comfort a dog while administering a vaccine

Water Services

Water Services ensures Bryan residents have a reliable water source of very consistent quality. The city uses 10 wells in the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer as the primary source of our drinking water. Bryan also has two reserve wells in the Sparta formation. Bryan’s water quality meets or exceeds all primary and secondary drinking water standards. With our water sourced from a deep groundwater supply, it is less susceptible to outside pollution and is easier to treat than surface water. Water Services maintains 505 miles of water pipe, 2,670 fire hydrants, 25,400 water meters, 425 miles of wastewater pipe and 7,700 manholes.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment operates three treatment plants to treat our community’s wastewater. The treatment plants treat a combined 7 million gallons of wastewater each day. Industrial pretreatment and grease trap inspectors ensure that wastewater discharged from restaurants and industrial customers meet state and local water quality standards before it is discharged to the sewer. In addition to the treatment facilities, The Environmental Services Wastewater Laboratory performs analysis required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for each of Bryan’s three wastewater treatment plants.

Solid Waste

The City of Bryan’s Solid Waste Department provides curbside trash service, as well as brush and bulky pick-ups to over 28,000 residential accounts weekly. The department is also responsible for providing commercial trash collections to 1,900 businesses, with 380 accounts serviced daily. Solid Waste also operates the used oil and tire recycling center, which provides Bryan residents the ability to recycle used tires and oil free of charge. In addition, Solid Waste is responsible for street sweeping residential areas and other thoroughfares within the city.

solid waste workers


The Warehouse is responsible for ordering and inventorying supplies and materials used in upkeep of the city’s vehicle fleet and water/sewer systems. The Warehouse ensures that goods and supplies are available in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Warehouse is also responsible for management of the city’s two fueling stations, which support the fuel needs of the City of Bryan and Bryan Texas Utilities.

Capital Improvement Projects

Public Works plays a lead role in managing the majority of the city’s Capital Improvement Projects . CIPs address Bryan’s long-term needs in the form of street and drainage improvements, public utilities, new parks and city facilities. These projects are scheduled over several years to address the city’s ability to pay for the improvements. Capital Improvement Projects are relatively expensive and non-recurring. Each CIP has a multi-year useful life and results in fixed assets. The current five-year Capital Improvement Program has capital projects totaling more than $161 million.

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