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November 4, 2021

Downtown Quiet Zone Phase 1 update – November 2021

If you have been to Downtown recently, you have likely driven past one of the new medians at 15th, 23rd, 24th 28th and 29th streets, or Martin Luther King Jr. Street. The contractor, Brazos Paving, Inc (BPI), has done excellent work in what can sometimes be challenging situations. If you get a chance to walk by, be sure to marvel at the artisan work of the herringbone brick pattern. Each brick was cut, trimmed and placed with great craftsmanship by the BPI team.


The City of Bryan has met with representatives of Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) once per month for the last six months. During these meetings, we discuss various deliverables and outstanding items that need to be completed for the progression of work. During the most recent call, the City of Bryan was made aware that while it has completed all the items requested for proper permitting, Union Pacific is delayed in completing both the Public Improvement Agreements (PIA) and the Surface Work Improvement Agreements (SWIA). The City of Bryan is seeking ways to expedite UPRR’s process, but without the proper permits from UPRR, construction cannot proceed.

What does this mean for the project? Without the proper UPRR agreements, our contractor cannot legally complete work within the Railroad right-of-way. This means that until we receive those agreements, the median work at 32nd  Street and William Joel Bryan Parkway cannot be completed, along with the additional medians within the right-of-way at 15th, 23rd, 24th 28th and 29th streets and Martin Luther King Jr. Street. UPRR is unable to tell us when the agreements will be completed and executed. We hope it won’t be long, but the city does not have the ability to speed up UPRR’s process.

What does this mean for the additional phases? Phase 2 design (the crossings at the western set of tracks in Downtown) is at 90%. Once plans are finalized, the city will, again, need to submit all necessary documentation for processing of both PIAs and SWIAs. The city intends to submit plans as soon as possible to hopefully minimize the amount of delay. To prevent another construction delay from occurring on Phase 2, the city will likely delay the beginning of construction until receipt of all UPRR agreements. The improvements at Groesbeck are part of Phase 3. The city has submitted all necessary design plans for that project and is awaiting response from UPRR.


The City of Bryan is committed to this project and is doing everything within its ability to press forward. We appreciate your support and patience as we wait for Union Pacific to process all necessary agreements so that we can continue work. We will be sure to communicate an update on the project once construction can begin again.

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