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February 29, 2024

Statement About the Park Hudson Disc Golf Course

The City of Bryan is seeing and receiving misinformation about the Park Hudson Disc Golf Course and would like to provide some clarity.

About 10 – 15 years ago, a 6-hole disc golf course was installed in Tiffany Park through a Bowen Elementary School grant-funded project.

Late last year, this course was expanded, around the Park Hudson Trail area, into an 18-hole course. This included the installment of 12 new holes, and new baskets and concrete tee pads at each of the 18 holes. Since the expanded course opened, residents began to recognize the impact of the new amenity and voiced their concerns to the City.

The expanded portion of the Park Hudson Disc Golf Course is being removed along with tee pads. The removal process started this week. A number of reasons prompted the removal, including the City not having more public input before proceeding with the course, the City not doing a thorough review of the property before implementing changes, complaints from residents in the area, an injury claim from an alleged disc golfer, etc. The City recognizes the oversights and is working to address them.

Essentially, the original 6-hole disc golf course will remain. Staff is working on removing concrete tee pads and making basket location adjustments to the original 6 holes, based on concerns from the expanded portion. The plan is to put Tiffany Park back to its original, natural state.

The City has three other disc golf course locations:

  • Austin’s Colony Park (9-hole)
  • Bonham Park (9-hole)
  • Cherry Park (6-hole)
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