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City of Bryan, Texas



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Investigative Services Bureau


Assistant Chief Curtis Darby
Commander, Investigative Services Bureau
(979) 209-5353 | email Chief Darby

Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for follow-up investigation on most criminal offenses reported to the police. CID consists of detectives in charge of major/cold cases, property crimes, and crimes against persons. Additional staff include crime scene personnel, investigative assistants, a crime analyst, a crime victim’s assistant coordinator, and several volunteers.

Detectives assigned to Major/Cold Case Crimes generally investigate cases involving death, robberies, aggravated assaults, serial sex crimes, and other cases based on resource needs. Investigators assigned to Property Crimes investigate fraud, burglary, theft, criminal mischief, unauthorized use of motor vehicles, etc. Crimes Against Persons’ Investigators are assigned sexual assaults, child abuse, assaults, family violence cases, harassment, juvenile crimes, etc. The Crime Victim’s Coordinator is responsible for providing crime victim assistance information and service referrals to victims of violent crimes, including assistance in applying for crime victim’s compensation when appropriate. Upon completion, successful investigations from the Criminal Investigation Division are presented to the County or District Attorney for prosecution.

Victims Assistance

Nancy Canales
Victim Assistance Coordinator
(979) 209-5312 | email Ms. Canales

The Victim Assistance Program at the Bryan Police Department works to ensure that the rights of crime victims are met and also to provide various services to victims and their families. We strive to associate victims with helpful resources in the area that will hopefully reduce the trauma of the victimization process. We work with all forms of violent crimes including: domestic violence, assault, aggravated assault, kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated robbery, homicide, harassment and stalking, child abuse, etc. Services that are available include: crisis intervention; criminal justice support; court accompaniment; acquiring protective orders; information and referrals; assistance in filing for Crime Victims’ Compensation; notification of case status; serve as liaisons between victim, legal system, hospitals, schools, and other support systems; and to assist with evidence return.

Click here for more information about Domestic Violence

Special Investigations

The Special Operations Division supports patrol operations within the Bryan Police Department by deploying specially trained personnel to assist departmental components with specialized tactical, traffic and planning services.

Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET)

Chad Hanks
Sgt. Chad Hanks
NET Supervisor
(979) 209-5306 | email Sgt. Hanks

The Bryan Police Department prides itself on its philosophy of community oriented policing. The core components are a strong community partnership and open communication between the police department and its citizens. This allows both entities to identify and prioritize problems in order to address them more efficiently.

The purpose of NET is to utilize problem-oriented policing strategies to resolve those issues that affect crime, fear of crime and quality of life in Bryan. The NET strives to build partnerships with Bryan residents, business owners and religious leaders to foster better community involvement in problem solving. The NET will work closely with existing units within the Police Department and City of Bryan such as the Directed Deployment Team (DDT), Drug Enforcement Team (DET), Intelligence Unit, and Code Enforcement.

The City of Bryan is divided into four geographic areas or zones. The same patrol officers (both day shift and night shift) are permanently assigned a particular zone, so they can become familiar with their area of responsibility. Having the officers assigned to a particular zone gives them the opportunity to get to know the citizens that live in and work in that area, as well as the criminals that are active in their neighborhoods. This allows the officers to identify the particular problems that affect their assigned zone.

In addition to the zone officers, who are on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you have a Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officer permanently assigned to one of the four zones. The NET officer is your liaison to the City of Bryan for issues ranging from quality of life concerns, ongoing criminal acts, and visual plight, both on city or private properties. All NET officers are trained in crime prevention, and would be more than happy to come out and speak at your next homeowner’s association meeting, neighborhood association meeting, or civic organization meeting. The goal of the NET is to find long term solutions to ongoing quality of life issues. The NET officers work a flexible schedule, in order to address the varied complaints they receive.

The four Neighborhood Enforcement Team Officers and a corresponding zone map are listed below, along with their contact information. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Neighborhood Enforcement Team to report a concern, give feedback, or to find out which zone you live in.

Stacey Dowling
Officer Stacey Dowling
Zone 4
Ellis Boyd
Officer Ellis Boyd
Zone 5
Chris Johnson
Officer Chris Johnson
Zone 6
 Billy Yoder
Officer Billy Yoder
Zone 7
Jose Gallardo
Officer Jose Gallardo
Downtown District
Anthony Gebhardt
Officer Anthony Gebhardt
Downtown District

View interactive map of the NET Zones with NET Officer information.

Not sure which zone you live in? Click here to find out.

Report A Concern (Report activity in your neighborhood)

Give Us Feedback (Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions)

Directed Deployment Team (DDT)

The Bryan Police Department’s Directed Deployment Team (DDT) is dedicated to the suppression of all types of organized crime and to positive interaction through specialized operations within the community. Examples of organized and/or vice crimes include but are not limited to narcotics use and sales, prostitution, and gambling.
When needed, the DDT will also assist other departments with high profile cases or surveillance, such as assisting CID with investigating a string of armed robberies, or any other specialized event deemed needed by the special operations lieutenant.

Sgt. Paul Mahoney
Supervisor, Directed Deployment Team
(979) 209-5338 | email Sgt. Mahoney

Drug Enforcement Team (DET)

Mission Statement

The Bryan Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Team (DET) is dedicated to the investigation, suppression, and successful prosecution including asset forfeiture of all upper level illegal narcotic traffickers.

The Unit

After federal funding was eliminated for drug task forces the Bryan Police Department developed and implemented the Drug Enforcement Team (DET). DET is currently assigned to the Special Operations division and works with all other units in the department to investigate and dismantle the upper levels of large scale narcotic trafficking operations. The unit uses Confidential Informants, undercover/covert operations, and search warrants to accomplish this goal. The unit not only files criminal charges but also actively uses asset forfeiture proceedings to seize assets such as vehicles, homes, property, currency, etc. of these traffickers that were used in or accrued with the proceeds from illegal narcotic trafficking. The DET works with local, state, and federal agencies to maximize their effectiveness in both the investigation and prosecution of illegal narcotic traffickers.

Narcotic Information Hotline
If you have information concerning narcotics in your neighborhood that you would like to share with the Drug Enforcement Team you may click on the link below to submit the information. You may request a follow up call by leaving your name and telephone number. If you wish to leave anonymous information, please be as detailed as possible. All information provided is kept confidential, and will be investigated for accuracy.

Sgt. Gabe Alvarez
Supervisor, Drug Enforcement Team
(979) 209-5386 | email Sgt. Alvarez

To submit information about drug or gang activity, click here.

Emergency Response Unit

The Bryan Police Department embraces a contemporary approach to peacefully resolve special threat situations through the simultaneous use of containment and negotiation. This approach is used in order to increase the probability of a non-violent solution to the incident. The saving of human life, whether it be hostages, suspects, police officers, or other innocent persons, is the primary goal in dealing with special threat situations.

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is made up of three parts: The Tactical Response Team, the Crisis Negotiation Team, and the Logistical Support Team. Volunteer officers with primary assignments in other areas of the department make up the unit. Officers of the ERU regularly train together and are activated during incidents which are beyond the scope of traditional police response.

Intelligence Unit

The Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) was formed in November 2007. It consists of one Sergeant and two Criminal Intelligence Officers, a Crime Analyst, and an investigator assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. The primary responsibility of the unit is to assist members of the Bryan Police Department in identifying the major and/or repeat offenders committing crime in Bryan, Texas. These findings are presented to department personnel in the form of meetings and other media. From these discussions, tasks are executed by the various units at the Bryan Police Department in an effort to identify, apprehend and prosecute offenders and ultimately reduce crime in the City of Bryan.

The intelligence unit provides cash rewards for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of known habitual offenders. Persons providing information remain anonymous. If you would like to provide information on a habitual offender, please see the contact Officer Jamie Lopez, or Officer Kyle Cottle.

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