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City of Bryan, Texas



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Recruiting: Bryan Police Department

Want to be a 911 Dispatcher?

If you are interested in a 911 dispatcher position, please contact the Brazos County Emergency Communications District (911) at 979.779.0911 or visit These positions are not City of Bryan positions; they are employees of the Brazos County 911 District.

Upcoming Tests for Police Officer

The next entrance exam date for Police Officer applicants (certified and non-certified) is Nov. 3, 2023. Deadline to register is Oct. 25, 2023.

Apply Here

Future entrance exam dates

  • Feb. 2, 2024

Get notified when the application period for each of these exam dates opens.

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About Bryan

The City of Bryan is conveniently located at the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin/San Antonio triangle. With a population of about 87,000, and its neighboring city, College Station, with a population of 93,800, there are amenities of a large city, but with the sense of a small community. The cost of living in Bryan is lower than most cities in Texas. Bryan is also proud of its diverse culture, quality homes and neighborhoods, exceptional educational facilities and advanced health care facilities.

Please contact the Training and Recruiting Department with questions regarding the application process or the position itself at or call 979.229.4841. The Bryan Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Academy

The Bryan Police Department Police Academy is a 22-week Basic Police Academy, certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

The Police Academy covers all the courses mandated by TCOLE for a basic academy and cadets graduate with 696 TCOLE credit hours before taking the State certified exam. The Bryan Police Academy covers not only classroom academics like penal code and traffic code, but also firearms, police emergency driving, hand to hand defense tactics, patrol procedures and more.

Physical fitness is a primary goal of the academy. Officer exercise as a group daily during the program.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process for police officers typically starts five months prior to the academy and is administered by the City of Bryan’s Human Resources department. The job posting for “Police Officer” will be listed on the City of Bryan’s jobs website (, on the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and in other locations.

Applicants must submit their application by the deadline, and then take the Police Officer entrance exam on the specified date. Once hired, they will be eligible to attend the Bryan Police Academy.

The Academy typically starts April 1 of each year after the hiring process is complete. The goal of the BPD Academy is to train cadets hired by Bryan PD and get them certified by the state while instilling pride and professionalism in their work ethics.

For question about our Bryan Police Academy, contact:
Sgt. Jon Agnew
Phone: 979.209.5307

Out-of-State Officers

The Bryan Police Department welcomes applications from officers who don’t reside in Texas, but are considering relocating. For more information, including salary and training information, email our recruitment team, or call 979.229.4841.

TCOLE Endorsement Letter Required

Out-of-state officers are required to obtain a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Endorsement Letter prior to applying to the Bryan Police Department.

How to Obtain TCOLE Endorsement

  1. Fill out the Out of State/Federal Initial Application eligibility form, attach all required documents, and send to TCOLE. The required documents that will be needed are:
    • A copy of the basic training certificate for a police officer with hours listed. If hours are not listed on the certificate, documentation of hours completed must accompany the certificate (Reserve, part time, or auxiliary training is not accepted).
    • A copy of a Federal Agent’s License or Credentials; or a certified or notarized copy of the police officer license or certificate issued by the state POST.
    • A statement from the state POST or federal employing agency revealing any disciplinary action(s) that may have been taken against any license or certificate issued by that agency or any pending action; or that no disciplinary action has been taken at any time on your license or certification.
    • A statement from your employing agency(s) stating full time service as a peace officer, federal officer or agent. Exact service dates are required. (Reserve or auxiliary peace officer training is not accepted; probationary officer time prior to completion of an approved basic police officer training academy is not accepted)
    • A copy of your valid state-issued driver’s license; and a copy of all your military discharge(s) (DD-214) (if applicable).
  2. Applicants must provide proof of successful completion of an approved (or state licensing authority) basic police officer training academy with equivalent course topics and hours of training at the time of initial certification or licensure.
  3. Applicants will also have honorably served (employed, benefits eligible) as a sworn full-time paid peace officer for two continuous years within the 4 years prior to application. Service time applied to this section must have been obtained following completion of a state POST approved basic training course and be subject to continued employment or eligible for re-hire (excluding retirement).
  4. The applicant’s license or certificate must never have been, nor currently be in the process of being, surrendered, suspended, or revoked.
  5. Have a copy of your military discharge(s) (DD-214) (if applicable). Note: Individuals applying for licensure must have never received a dishonorable or other discharge based on misconduct barring future military service, Texas Commission on law Enforcement Rule 217.1(a) (13).
  6. You will be assigned a representative to review your packet. The approval process can take up to 4-8 weeks for approval.
  7. Once approved, you will receive a letter notifying you of your status.

Here’s an example of a TCOLE Endorsement

Example of a TCOLE endorsement letter.

For more information or additional assistance in obtaining your TCOLE license as an out-of-state officer, visit the TCOLE website.


Bryan Quality of Life

Bryan PD

Bryan Police Department Training Calendar

Career Paths

The Bryan Police Department has 146 sworn personnel and 6 reserve officers. The Department is organized into three bureaus: Patrol Services Bureau, Investigative Services Bureau and Administrative Services Bureau. Specialized divisions within those bureaus include the following:

Click on each department to view details


This division consists of the majority of the officers.  We currently operate on 12 hour shifts. There is a Day Shift, Evening Shift and Night Shift. The pay period works off a two week cycle. The days that you work the first week are the days that you are off the second week. This allows the officer to have a three day long weekend off every two weeks. The Shifts are considered permanent unless you request a transfer to a different shift.

patrol car

Criminal Investigations Division

This Division consists of all the Detectives who are responsible for the follow-up investigations of crimes reported to the police. The Detectives are assigned to either Property Crimes, Persons Crimes or Major Crimes. The Property Crimes Detectives work cases regarding offenses against property including burglary of a motor vehicle, burglary of a habitation, forgeries, criminal mischief, etc. The Persons Crimes Detectives work cases regarding offenses against people including sex crimes, assaults, robberies, etc. The Major Crimes Detectives work cases including homicides, unattended deaths, and any type of serial crimes. Additional staff include crime scene personnel, investigative assistants, crime analysts and crime victim’s coordinators.

criminal investigation division staff

Training and Recruiting Division

This Division consists of several officers who are tasked with completing the applicant process once a year. This includes the administration of the physical fitness test, interviews, backgrounds, and the coordination of the polygraphs, oral boards, medicals, etc. These same officers are also responsible for teaching and preparing all of the courses that are taught to over 155 Bryan Police Officers each year so that they stay current on their skills. These same officers are responsible for putting on a five-month Bryan Police Academy at the Twin Oaks Law Enforcement Training Facility. These trainers hold many certifications of instruction in several different fields including firearms, first aid, high speed driving, defensive tactics, less lethal munitions, active shooter training, and much more.

Bryan Police Department Training and Recruiting Division group photo

K-9 Unit

This Unit consists of K-9 handlers and their partners, which consist of two Belgian Malinois dogs and one Dutch Shepard. These handlers work alternating evening shifts and train weekly. The dogs are trained for drug detection, article recovery, tracking, building searches, and bite work.

k9 unit on patrol

Directed Deployment Team (DDT)

This Unit is dedicated to the suppression of all types of organized crime including narcotic use/sales, prostitution, gambling, etc. DDT also assists other units within the Department with high profile cases or surveillance as needed.

Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET)

This Team consists of officers who are each dedicated to utilizing problem oriented policing strategies to resolve issues that affect crime, fear of crime and quality of life in specific areas of the City. NET builds partnerships with residents, business owners and leaders in order to foster better community involvement in problem solving.

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer Program is a cooperative effort between the Bryan Police Department and the Bryan Independent School District. The School Resource Officers serve as counselors, consultants, instructors, and problem solvers who work to reduce crime through education and the promotion of a positive police and student relationship.

school resource officers

Traffic Safety Unit

This Unit consists of motorcycle officers who are responsible for enforcing the traffic laws in our City. The Traffic Unit’s main goal is to work on accident reduction through speed reduction, DWI enforcement, and other hazardous violations.

traffic safety unit officer conducting a traffic stop

Drug Enforcement Team

This Team consists of several undercover officers responsible for working on the drug problem within the City of Bryan. These officers work on investigations of drug crimes, suppression of drug crimes, and prosecution coupled with asset forfeiture for all upper level illegal narcotic traffickers.

Tactical Response Team (TRT)

This Unit consists of numerous officers whose part time job is to resolve special threat situations in as peaceful manner as possible to ensure the safety of human life, whether hostages, suspect, police officer or other innocent persons. TRT officers train weekly and regularly assist with search warrants and special arrest warrants. When officers are not utilizing their skills as Tactical Officers they are working their regular job in the patrol division, criminal investigations division or other divisions within the Department.

tactical response team in training

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

This Unit consists of officers whose part time job is to assist with special threat situations in a peaceful manner by talking to the suspects in an attempt to get them to surrender. This Unit trains monthly and when their skills are not being utilized they are performing their regular jobs within the Department.

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is comprised of officers who volunteer to travel the state and pay respect to officers that have fallen in the line of duty. The Honor Guard wears a more ornate uniform and their duties range from casket guard over the deceased, flag detail at ceremonies, and 21 gun salutes.

honor guard team

Salary / Benefits


Civil Service Pay Schedule

Effective Oct. 3, 2022

Police Cadet

OCCP Code: 601P

  • Grade / Step: PO2-1
  • Hourly Rate: $28.85
  • Annual Rate: $60,000
  • Requirement: Enrollment in Basic Peace Officer Academy/Start of Probationary Period

Police Officer

OCCP Code: 602P

  • Grade / Step: PO3-1
  • Hourly Rate: $30.25
  • Annual Rate: $62,920
  • Requirement: Basic Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO3-2
  • Hourly Rate: $30.89
  • Annual Rate: $64,251
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-1

  • Grade / Step: PO3-3
  • Hourly Rate: $31.55
  • Annual Rate: $65,624
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-2

  • Grade / Step: PO3-4
  • Hourly Rate: $32.35
  • Annual Rate: $67,288
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-3

  • Grade / Step: PO3-5
  • Hourly Rate: $32.69
  • Annual Rate: $67,995
  • Requirement: Intermediate Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO3-6
  • Hourly Rate: $33.70
  • Annual Rate: $70,096
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-5

  • Grade / Step: PO3-7
  • Hourly Rate: $34.54
  • Annual Rate: $71,843
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-6
  • Grade / Step: PO3-8
  • Hourly Rate: $35.50
  • Annual Rate: $73,840
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-7

  • Grade / Step: PO3-9
  • Hourly Rate: $36.44
  • Annual Rate: $75,795
  • Requirement: Advanced Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO3-10
  • Hourly Rate: $37.37
  • Annual Rate: $77,730
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-9

  • Grade / Step: PO3-11
  • Hourly Rate: $38.39
  • Annual Rate: $79,851
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-10

  • Grade / Step: PO3-12
  • Hourly Rate: $39.43
  • Annual Rate: $82,014
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-11

  • Grade / Step: PO3-13
  • Hourly Rate: $40.70
  • Annual Rate: $84,656
  • Requirement: Master Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO3-14
  • Hourly Rate: $41.33
  • Annual Rate: $85,966
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-13

  • Grade / Step: PO3-15
  • Hourly Rate: $42.01
  • Annual Rate: $87,381
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-14

  • Grade / Step: PO3-16
  • Hourly Rate: $42.69
  • Annual Rate: $88,795
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO3-15

Police Sergeant

OCCP Code: 603P

  • Grade / Step: PO4-1
  • Hourly Rate: $40.23
  • Annual Rate: $83,678
  • Requirement: Promotion to Sergeant; Intermediate Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO4-2
  • Hourly Rate: $41.06
  • Annual Rate: $85,405
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO4-1

  • Grade / Step: PO4-3
  • Hourly Rate: $41.88
  • Annual Rate: $87,110
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO4-2

  • Grade / Step: PO4-4
  • Hourly Rate: $44.04
  • Annual Rate: $91,603
  • Requirement: Promotion to Sergeant; Advanced Certificate
  • Grade / Step: PO4-5
  • Hourly Rate: $44.91
  • Annual Rate: $93,413
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO4-4

  • Grade / Step: PO4-6
  • Hourly Rate: $45.82
  • Annual Rate: $95,306
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO4-5

  • Grade / Step: PO4-7
  • Hourly Rate: $47.38
  • Annual Rate: $98,550
  • Requirement: Promotion to Sergeant; Master Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO4-8
  • Hourly Rate: $48.32
  • Annual Rate: $100,506
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO4-7

  • Grade / Step: PO4-9
  • Hourly Rate: $49.30
  • Annual Rate: $102,544
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO4-8

Police Lieutenant

OCCP Code: 604P

  • Grade / Step: PO5-1
  • Hourly Rate: $47.40
  • Annual Rate: $98,592
  • Requirement: Promotion to Lieutenant; Advanced Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO5-2
  • Hourly Rate: $48.38
  • Annual Rate: $100,630
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO5-1

  • Grade / Step: PO5-3
  • Hourly Rate: $49.34
  • Annual Rate: $102,627
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO5-2
  • Grade / Step: PO5-4
  • Hourly Rate: $52.13
  • Annual Rate: $108,430
  • Requirement: Promotion to Lieutenant; Master Certificate

  • Grade / Step: PO5-5
  • Hourly Rate: $53.69
  • Annual Rate: $111,675
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO5-4

  • Grade / Step: PO5-6
  • Hourly Rate: $55.81
  • Annual Rate: $116,085
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO5-5

  • Grade / Step: PO5-7
  • Hourly Rate: $58.00
  • Annual Rate: $120,640
  • Requirement: 1 year at PO5-6

City of Bryan Benefits

Bryan Police Officers are eligible for all the standard benefits provided through the City of Bryan, including:

  • Health Plan including dental coverage (co-pay plan)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability
  • Retirement Plan
  • Optional 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Paid Sick Leave with Unlimited Accumulation
  • Holidays
  • Employee Assistance Program

Bryan PD-Specific Benefits

Paid Sick Leave with Unlimited Accumulation
Accrual of 15 days (180 hours) per year of sick leave in accordance with Chapter 143 of the Texas local Government Code

Paid Vacation Leave with Unlimited Accumulation

  • Up to 15 years continuous service = 15 days (120 hrs) vacation per year
  • Completion of 15 years and up to 20 years of continuous service = 17 days (136 hours) vacation per year
  • Completion of 20 or more years of continuous service = 20 days (160 hours) vacation per year

12 hours shift schedule for Patrol Division
3 day weekend every two weeks

Uniforms provided and cleaned
All uniforms will be provided and cleaned at no cost to the officer.

Equipment Furnished, including regulation weapon
All equipment including duty gear, radio, flashlights, jackets, etc. is provided at no cost to the officer. The only item that the officer will need to purchase him/herself is a pair of black duty boots.

Longevity Pay
$4 per month for each year of service to a maximum of $1200 per year

Night Differential Pay
$1.50 per hour

Bi-Lingual Pay
$100 per month

Education Incentive Pay

  • Associates Degree: $50 per month
  • Bachelors Degree: $100 per month
  • Masters Degree: $150 per month

TCOLE Certification Pay
Upon completion of the TCOLE exam the officer will be certified as a Basic Peace Officer. Upon obtaining the Intermediate, Advanced and Master’s Certificates the officer will receive an additional monthly certification pay as follows:

  • Intermediate: $75/month
  • Advanced: $100/month
  • Masters: $150/month

Military Veterans
Military Veterans will receive five preference points towards their passing written test score.

G.I. Bill Participants
Military personnel who participated in the G.I. Bill may be eligible for an additional training stipend of up to $1,400 per month from the Veteran’s Administration while being trained as a police officer. These benefits are paid during the four months of attendance at the Police Academy and while you are assigned to the Field Training Officer Program upon graduation, which will be four additional months of the G.I. Bill stipend. All successful academy graduates will also earn 20 hours of college credit from Blinn Community College.

While at the Police Academy
We pay for you to attend the academy and we pay your salary while you are attending the academy.

Tuition Loan Reimbursement Program

Peace Officer Loan Repayment Assistance Program Application launches Sept. 1

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board announces the Sept. 1 application launch for a new loan repayment program benefitting recently appointed peace officers who have student loan debt.

Many law enforcement agencies have difficulty filling vacant positions. In June 2019, Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law SB 16 (86th Texas Legislature) authorizing the Peace Officer Loan Repayment Assistance Program (POLRAP) to provide an incentive for Texans to pursue law enforcement careers and remain on the job to help pay off their student loan debt.

The legislation defines “peace officer” in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, which describes 35 distinct positions and roles. To be eligible to apply for loan repayment assistance through POLRAP, an initial applicant must have been initially appointed as a full-time peace officer on or after Sept. 1, 2019, have completed at least one year of employment as a full-time peace officer in Texas, and have earned at least 60 credit hours at an eligible Texas higher education institution prior to initial appointment as a peace officer.

Upon admittance to the POLRAP, recipients will receive an initial award based on their one year of prior service. A successful applicant may receive up to $20,000 in loan repayment assistance over a period of five years ($4,000 annually or one-fifth of the outstanding loan balance, whichever is less).

Awards are contingent on available funding. In the initial year of the program, applications will be selected on a first-come-first-served basis until funds are no longer available. After the initial program year, priority will be given to prior year recipients and initial applications will be selected on a first-come-first-served basis until funds are no longer available.


Basic Qualifications

  • Achieve a minimum passing score of 70 percent on the written examination.
  • Pass a background investigation, including a fingerprint records check.
  • Pass oral interviews.
  • Successfully complete a post-job offer psychological examination, medical examination and drug/alcohol test, that includes passing a visual acuity test, and physician certification that the applicant is not dependent on and does not use illegal drugs.
  • Be at least 21 years of age and not more than 44 years of age at the time of hire.
  • Be a graduate of an accredited high school orhigh school equivalency/GED
  • If applicable, military service discharge must be under honorable conditions as stipulated on DD-214 form
  • No felony or Class A misdemeanor convictions; no Class B misdemeanor convictions within the past 10 years
  • Have a valid Texas driver’s license at the date of hire and meet the City’s evaluation criteria for the driver’s license record.
  • Be a citizen of the United States by birth or naturalization.
  • Be able to read, write, and speak the English language.
  • Be of good moral character.
  • Shall not be prohibited from carrying a firearm or possessing ammunition.
  • Be certifiable as a peace officer as established by TCOLE at the time of hire.
  • Hiring preference may be given to those candidates on the eligibility list who hold a peace officer’s license through TCOLE.

Basic Disqualifications

  • Applicant fails to pass any part of the entrance examination.
  • Applicant fails to make application in the manner prescribed in the notice of examination, and/or fails to file the application with the Director within the time limits prescribed in the notice of examination.
  • Applicant fails to meet Minimum Standards for initial licensure as set forth by TCOLE for peace officer candidates.
  • Applicant is not a citizen of the United States of America by birth or naturalization.
  • Applicant fails to demonstrate his/her ability to read, write, and fluently speak the English language.
  • Applicant is unable to perform the essential functions of the position to which he/she seeks appointment, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Applicant has engaged in, received deferred adjudication or pre-trial diversion for, or has been convicted of: conduct that constitutes a Class A Misdemeanor under the Penal Code or equivalent under federal law, to include the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or a Class B Misdemeanor within the past ten years, or any other conduct that may be unsuitable for employment.
  • Applicant has made any false statement in any material fact; withheld information, practiced or attempted to practice any deception or fraud in his/her application, examination, or appointment.
  • Applicant fails to complete or satisfactorily meet the employment process requirement, including missed appointments, failure to return necessary paperwork, failure to notify Department of any changes of address or telephone number, failure to properly complete any or all application materials, or who otherwise fails to complete the application process.
  • Applicant fails to satisfactorily complete the oral interview process.
  • Applicants have engaged in, conduct which constitutes excessive and/or recent use of intoxicants, including alcohol.
  • Applicant has unlawful consumption of marijuana within three years.
  • Applicant has unlawful consumption of any Texas Health and Safety Code Penalty Groups I and II drugs (excluding marijuana). This includes cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy, mushrooms, etc.
  • Applicant has unlawful consumption of any Texas Health and Safety Code Penalty Groups III and IV drugs within the past 10 years. This includes some prescription drugs and steroids.
  • Applicant has engaged in, received deferred adjudication or pre-trial diversion for, or has been convicted of DWI/BWI/FWI/DUI within the past 5 years.
  • Applicant has violations exceeding 4 events (moving violations or preventable accidents) within the past 3 years.
  • Applicant has been dismissed or resigned in lieu of dismissal from any employment for inefficiency, delinquency, or misconduct.
  • Applicant has demonstrated a failure to pay just debts.
  • Applicant has exercised poor judgment skills within the past 5 years.
  • Applicant has a history of unstable work.
  • Applicant has failed to meet all legal requirements necessary for future licensing and certification as required by TCOLE.
  • Applicant has been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions.

Physical Fitness Assessment

The Bryan Police Department has changed to the Concept 2 rower standard for its physical fitness assessment. Candidates must achieve a passing score of 50 percent on a 2000 meter row. No other physical fitness test will be offered.

I’m not a rower. What does this mean?

The Concept 2 is a type of rowing machine found in home and gyms across the country. The test will consist of a 2,000-meter rowing session on the machine. The passing score of 50% is a calculation that includes things like you age, gender and body weight. Basically, the 50% calculation just determines how much time you have to complete the test.

For example, a 30-year-old man, who weighs 200 lbs. would need to complete the row in about 09:22 (9 minutes, 22 seconds).


Find out exactly what time you’ll need to pass the test here:
DPS Rowing Calculator

I’m still not a rower. How am I supposed to row correctly?

The following videos are good examples of how to row correctly with proper technique so that you don’t inadvertently hurt yourself and post the best time possible.

More videos showing common errors when rowing are available on the Concept 2 rower’s official website.

Application Steps

Online Application

Written Examination

Physical Fitness Assessment

Preliminary Interview

Polygraph Exam

Background Investigation

Oral Interview Board

Chief’s Interview

Psychological Exam

Medical Exam / Drug Screen

(The whole process takes 2-4 months to complete.)

Police Officer Training Timeline

Successful Employment with the Bryan Police Department

Police Academy
Police Academy located in Bryan, TX
(22 weeks of school 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Field Training Program
(16 weeks – The Probationary Police Officer will work on the street with a minimum of 4 different Field Training Officers in one month cycles.)

Released to Patrol