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City of Bryan, Texas

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    Patrol Services Bureau


    Assistant Chief Dean Swartzlander
    Commander, Patrol Services Bureau
    (979) 209-5366 | email

    Patrol Division 1

    Bryan Police Badge
    Lt. Kyle Halbert
    (979) 209-5319 | email

    Patrol Division 2

    Bryan Police Badge
    Lt. Steve French
    (979) 209-5356 | email

    Patrol Units

    The primary responsibility of the patrol units is public safety accomplished through the maintenance of public order, the enforcement of state and local laws and the prevention of crime and the apprehension of criminals. Duties include, but are not limited to, responding to calls for service, problem solving through community oriented policing and the preliminary investigation of criminal activity discovered or reported during their day time tour of duty.

    Day Units

    Sgt. Benson Kilgore
    Day 1 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5354 | email
    Sgt. Chad Hanks
    Day 1 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5306 | email
    Sgt. Bryan Ruebush
    Day 2 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5371 | email
    Sgt. Cary Beason
    Day 2 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5361 | email

    Evening Units

    Sgt. Travis Hines
    Evening 1 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5351 | email
    Sgt. James Murphy
    Evening 1/K9  Supervisor
    (979) 209-5337 | email
    Sgt. Broddrick Bailey
    Evening 2 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5430 | email
    Bryan Police Badge
    Evening 2 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5300

    Night Units

    Sgt. Brent Travis
    Night 1 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5457 | email
    Sgt. Stacey Nunn
    Night 1 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5318 | email
    Sgt. Steven Fry
    Night 2 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5329 | email
    Sgt. Austin Stearns
    Night 2 Supervisor
    (979) 209-5382 | email

    Bryan Patrol Officers work twelve (12) hour shifts normally as solitary patrol units assigned to certain areas of the city. Many of the patrol vehicles have on-board computers and video cameras as well as the standard patrol car equipment. Bryan Patrol Officers are gifted individuals with a wide range of talents and their job requires them to be very flexible in dealing with citizens of all socio-economic backgrounds, and with the ever changing world of technological advancement. Police Officers with the City of Bryan receive a minimum of 80 hours of training per year. The Evening Units are tasked with deploying during periods of peak call loads.

    K-9 Unit

    Bryan Police Badge
    Officer Chase LeBlanc
    (979) 209-5365 | email

    In 2016 K-9 Unit supervisor Sgt. Chad Hanks helped supervise the certification of one new K-9 Handler after a 16 week basic K-9 Handlers’ course here in Bryan, Texas. The lessons were physically demanding on the police service dog and his handler. The topics covered in the course were building searches, tracking, evidence recovery, narcotics searches, suspect apprehension, obedience, gunfire discipline, and tactical deployments. Completion of this course helped the new K-9 Handler obtain this internationally recognized police service dog certification. Officer Chase LeBlanc completed his certification in November 2016. Sgt Hanks is currently partnered with K-9 Kohn a Belgium Malinois and Officer LeBlanc is currently partnered with K-9 Blitz a Belgium Malinois.

    School Resource Unit

    Sgt. Jerrett Williams
    Supervisor, School Resource Officer Program
    (979) 209-5392 | email

    The School Resource Officer Program is a cooperative effort between the Bryan Police Department and the Bryan Independent School District. The SRO is a fully-commissioned police officer who works with and aids the administration and student body of the Bryan schools.

    Based on law enforcement experience, the SRO serves as a counselor, consultant, instructor, and problem-solver who works to reduce crime through education and the promotion of positive police/student relations.

    School Resource Officer Goals:

    • Provide a valuable service to the Bryan Independent School District and the community as a liaison between the school district and the police department.
    • Communicate with youth in a positive manner and dispel myths and misconceptions.
    • Educate youth by providing relevant and informative educational programs as requested by staff.
    • Enhance the police image by example and through positive youth contacts.
    • Provide problem resolution, counseling, and enforcement when necessary.

    Traffic Safety Unit

    Bryan Police Badge
    Supervisor, Traffic Safety Unit
    (979) 209-5300

    The mission of the Traffic Division is to ensure safe vehicular and pedestrian movement throughout the City with a primary focus on accident reduction. To achieve this reduction, specially trained patrol officers concentrate on speed reduction, DWI enforcement, and other hazardous violations. The Division implements public education programs and works with other departments and agencies to make traffic movement safer.

    The Traffic Safety Unit consists of a sergeant and four officers. Utilizing a marked traffic car and five motorcycles, the unit concentrates its enforcement effort in the top ten accident locations in the city.

    STEP Grant:
    The Bryan Police Department applied for and received a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) grant in the amount of $50,000 from the Texas Department of Transportation.  The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program is an enforcement effort targeting three driving behaviors that contribute greatly to the numbers and severity of traffic crashes:

    • Speeding
    • Occupant restraint
    • Driving while intoxicated

    The grant pays Officers overtime to specifically target these kinds of violations between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013.  This program allows us to put extra officers on the street in an attempt to reduce the number of traffic related accidents and severe injuries sustained during an accident.